The Kappa Mission Statement

Our Corporate Philosophy

We develop …  

  • new products based on innovative ideas and open new areas of application
  • our own creative ideas and those of our customers expertise
  • in close cooperation with the customer
  • predict market needs


The customer is our partner and is always made welcome. Our cooperative national and international business relations …

  • are based on partnerships and cooperative solutions
  • help our customers reach their goals rapidly and more efficiently
  • guarantee outstanding customer benefits


We achieve economics success with innovation and trust. We ensure the company's independence by …

  • meeting deadlines and quality and cost consciousness
  • continual value enhancement
  • maturing products
  • trustworthiness 


Our performance is based on a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
We communicate …

  • frankly, emphazising goal
  • using A-teams on the feasibility of new approaches
  • in a network of support and knowledge
  • the expertise of specialists
  • ideas and develop integrated solutions for quality series production, all under one roof


We realize leadership by trust and setting objectives. The Kappa management …

  • sets clear and challenging objectives for the project teams
  • leads through participation and trust in budgeted projects
  • internalizes the role model function of executives
  • allows employees scope for decision making
  • pursues objectives systematically, consistently and in a forward-looking manner


We achieve peak performance based on motivation and eagerness to learn. The basis of our teamwork is characterized by …

  • respect and integrity
  • continuous learning
  • striving for continual improvement in performance
  • cost consciousness
  • adherence to schedules


Integrity and responsibility are fundamental values for us

  • We keep our word
  • Customer satisfaction is our objective and we are therefore tied to product quality and on-schedule service
  • For us social responsibility means environmental protection, sustainable use of resources and acceptance of cultural differences
  •  Our economic behaviour is governed by ecological and social responsibility