The Basic Formula

Integrate our performance into your higher level system

Illustration Basic Formula, Kappa optronics

Basic Formula Kappa optronics

Application- and customer-specific cameras make the difference

Many factors determine a camera solution’s quality and sustainability – often, for maximal performance of your entire system, you will need a camera module that is as specialized
as your task.


Our goal: your technology leadership using our application-specific cameras

You are the expert in your world and we are the expert in ours, the camera world. Talk to us. With our understanding of your processes and conditions, we can create your product’s decisive competitive advantage using our cameras.


We don’t supply cameras for the open market – only for you and your application.

We think customer-specific in all aspects, from sensor selection to interface choice, circuit board design, signal processing, housing, all the way up to industry-specific quality standards and testing requirements.


Competitive in cost-performance

Our products’ cost-performance ratio will win you over, whether we make an application-specific camera for you in limited or large-scale production.


You are our project client.

As a strong, safe partner, we offer you availability and service for your camera series when you need it, for as long as you need it.


Strength in innovation and risk readiness for your goals

With our strength in innovation, we assume risks for results that the market doesn’t offer for your holistic approach.