Driver Vision Enhancer System for Military Vehicles (DVE)

"ARMOR EYE" with Single Camera and Quad Camera

360° Surround View with Vision Enhancer Systems (DVE) and Multispectral Situational Awareness Solutions (SAS)

Worldwide best DVE - Driver Vision Enhancer System

Driver Vision Enhancer System for Military Ground Vehicles (DVE)

Fastest Live Vision - lowest latency

Low latency Delta  Sum
Integration time 16.7 [ms] 16.7 [ms]
Processing 2.0 [ms] 18.7 [ms]
Display 8.0 [ms] 26.7 [ms]


XXL FoV  - Widest Field of View

The total field of view does not simply summarize the values from each integrated camera. Particularly for side views, Kappa systems thoroughly cover critical view angles, achieving true surround views. 


HD Excellence

Kappa HD cameras come with an extraordinarily robust design - a clear advantage over conventional systems. Due to the high resolution streams the mission won't miss even the tiniest detail.


24/7 day and night vision: safety for your crews, improved efficiency of your missions

Scalable solutions for your fleet | scalable with digital video distribution unit

We will advise you, comprehensively and specific to your needs; responsible for system integration, we will stand at your side long term. We adapt our DVE systems thoroughly to specific missions, to different tank types and models (e.g. Leopard). Safety and efficiency of your operations are our mission.

Digital Video Distribution Unit: Latency-Free Image Processing, scalable approach to fit any use case, prepared for future image processing algorithms as a part of Kappa’s turnkey system solutions for ground vehicle and retrofit programs (see datashee in the download menu below).


VIDEO: DVE - Kappa Armor Eye, update 03.3030: Driver vision enhancer system with 360° surround view and day & night vision.

Portfolio DVE Systems and SAS Solutions

Fastest Vision: latency-free 360° surround View
Scalable complete solutions with camera, switch, display and integration kit
SDI or Ethernet Architecture
Advanced day & night vision capabilities with low light cameras, LWIR cameras (e.g. VIS/1 MP HD excellence, LWIR, SWIR)
Covert mode with passive imaging and/or SWIR illumination
4K eZoom for easy switching between near and long distances
Excellent ranges in DRI object detection, recognition and identification (maintenance-free design, pan-tilt not required)
Road traffic homologation possible (ASIL B)
All MIL-STD qualifications


Your system partner with four decades of experience!

Responsibility for system integration
Scalable solutions from one single source (with adapted illumination)
Modular architecture based on standard components
Perfect integration into existing fleets
Long-term support
Kappa is the pioneer in the area of vision systems with road traffic certification
Ergonomic designed to be adaptable for choice of display, key layout, picture-in-picture adjustments

Retrofit & Upgrade of Vehicles & Fleets: Increase your proven fleets performance capacity and life expectancy!

Fit for new challenges with advanced vision systems and SAS systems
Compatible with analog infrastructures
FFF drop-in solutions
SD/HD hybrids
Perfectly adapted design for smooth Integration

Obsolescence management

Latency-free panoramic view

Latency-free panoramic view

Driver Vision Enhancer on the tank

Driver Vision Enhancer on the tank

Driver Vision Enhancer Display with Picture in Picture

Driver Vision Enhancer Display with Picture in Picture

Complete scalable 12 sector LSAS system incl. DVE with extreme DRI and low light capabilities

Complete scalable 12 sector LSAS system incl. DVE with extreme DRI and low light capabilities

Highest DRI Capabilities, extreme range (without pan-tilt)

Conventional systems mostly rely on a maintenance-intensive pan-tilt apparatus for the detection, identification and regognition function. In contrast the Kappa system uses an integrated high-performance zoom combined with the XXL FoV. A pan-tilt system is not required.

Excellence DRI range

Excellent DRI range

Entry Level

Camera / Monitor Systems

Proven camera / monitor solutions capture every blind spot on armored vehicles, thus enabling safe operation and maneuvering.

Basic for all levels:

CMOS Camera (SDI or Ethernet architecture)
Day & low light level (VIS / NIR)
Latency-free imaging
SDI monitor
Camera/monitor system for military ground vehicles

Camera/monitor system

Mid Level

Switchable DVE System with Multiple Cameras and Video Management Unit

The DVE System consists of several high-performance cameras and monitors, combined via a video management unit. The operator switches between camera views, thus acquiring a safe panoramic view.

And more in Mid Level:

180° front view and/or rear view covered with 3 switchable cameras plus 2 mirror cameras
Video management unit
Multiple SDI monitors
Illumination for covert missions


Scalable Driver Vision Enhancer System

Mid-Level DVE

High Level

Surround View DVE System with Intelligent Video Management Unit

The complex DVE system comes with an intelligent video management unit, which combines multiple camera views to a comfortable latency-free surround view. The system provides ample performance for an extension with SAS functions.

And more in High Level:

Advanced surround view combined from multiple cameras
Intelligent video management unit
Multiple DVE & SAS monitors possible
Sensor fusion day & night vision
Compressed H.264 streams
Integrated recording
Embedded vision
Surround View DVE System

Surround View DVE System

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40 Years!

Kappa has over 40 years of experience with highly robust, specialized cameras for all rugged uses. With our vision systems for military ground vehicles, we provide a decisive information advantage for crews in the field to make rapid, safe decisions in critical situations. We service your needs not only technically, but also by fulfilling all apecific requirements on design assureance, qualification and certification.