Industrial 3D

with 30 years' experience

Industrial 3D vision systems, e.g., for air-to-air refueling / Kappa optronics

Industrial 3D vision systems, e.g., for air-to-air refueling

From the manipulator in the nuclear reactor up to air-to-air refueling

30 years ago, Kappa installed the first 3D stereo camera for manipulators in nuclear research plants – high-end, heavyduty industrial video format cameras. Today, in-flight refueling aircraft are equipped with Kappa‘s newest HD 3D vision systems.


3D for manipulators in extreme environments

With an interdisciplinary 3D portfolio, Kappa implements manipulator applications for extreme environmental conditions (sterility, radioactivity, air, water, etc.). Kappa 3D vision systems teach the manipulator: they visualize a crystal clear 3D HD image sequence with endless depth of field for the user.

The companies core competencies are ideally combined, for example in the 3D project for air-to-air refueling.

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Camera pairs with identical control performance or complete system design

Just the cameras or the complete 3D system? in both cases Kappa is your partner. We provide high definition camera pairs with a perfectly identical control behaviour: color computation, synchronization, gain, noise behaviour and further more. For this we provide state-of-the-art measurement and calibration environments.

Within the framework of selected industrial projects, Kappa acts as the developer, system provider, and manufacturer of complete 3D vision systems. This encompasses the selection or manufacturing of components, e.g. the processing unit, wireless transmission, video coding, compression, recording technology as well as 3D displays.