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Portfolio: Flexibly Adaptable Cameras

With our multifunctional technology platforms, we can efficiently service very diverse applications. Our platforms are designed for various requirement profiles, making it easy to implement customer-specific modifications for your solution. Expansions and further development are possible as well, and at any point. Let’s talk about your projects!


Full HD Cameras | Tauri3.1

Versatile camera series for high-resolution real-time applications, standard video formats up to 1080p60, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, 24/7 adaptive control algorithm

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Streaming IP Cameras | MDC

Streaming camera platform with H.264 video compression, adjustable factor up to 1080p60. DVI/HDMI, IP Ethernet, GigE, PoE, internal SD card memory, streaming formats PTP, RTSP, GVSP, TS, INETX.

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Qualified Aviation Cameras

Benchmark-setting Flight Eye camera series for all aviation applications.

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Range Night Vision

Night Vision cameras combine day and night vision capacity, impress users with the lowest possible latency and 24/7 adaptive luminance algorithm.

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Vision Systems & Pioneering Solutions

High-end development partner for your challenging projects!

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