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Benchmark-setting Flight Eye camera series for all aviation applications.

Aviation Camera Program, Flight Eye and HUD Cameras

Aviation Camera Program, Flight Eye and HUD Cameras

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Flight Eye Program with FE 250, FE 310, FE 320, FE 350, SE 320 and HUD Cameras.

Made by experts for aviation professionals: These technologically advanced cameras cover all applications from nearfield area surveillance to pilots’ eye in HALE UAV and even in space — superiority in onboard video capture proven in aerospace applications around the globe.

  • Certifiable rugged design
  • Full HD CMOS performance
  • Ethernet IP & H.264 compression
  • PTP time stamp
  • SWAP-C optimized
  • ITAR free

This ITAR-free, aviation-qualified FE camera family with SWaP-C (SWaP = reducing size, weight, power and cost) optimized design offers various physical setups and interfaces for integration into aircraft systems. Users can choose between compact or remote head versions. They also decide to go with onboard H.264 compression and dual streaming via GigE (e.g., for airborne mission recording/debriefing) or zero-latency via HD-SDI (e.g., for UAV piloting from the drone control room/sight through HUD).

The SE320’s design is even qualified for environmental conditions in space applications. International OEMs and MROs have closely accompanied the development of this modularly designed COTS product line, also perfectly suited for retrofit solutions.

One model in the FE family addresses a current hot topic in the aviation industry: light aircraft crash recording (for planes such as Cessna or VTOL air taxis) that complies with NTSB guidelines and current EASA regulation. Here, Kappa’s FE 320 comes into play, an optimized solution for crash safety data recording that is fully ED-155/ ED-112 qualified and comes with the required DAL-D design assurance level (in accordance with DO-178/DO-154).

Compliance is key in aviation: This is where Kappa makes the difference with 40 years of camera and vision system experience for anything that drives or flies.


Flight Eye Camera Program Matrix

Flight Eye Camera Program Matrix (techical data about the HUD cameras, see datasheet)

40 years  of experience
realize visions .

Kappa has 40 years of experience with cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable design for anything that drives or flies.  We ensure maximum performance of higher level systems with innovative solutions for day and night operation and lightweight SWaP-C optimized cameras for indoor/outdoor use.  Close collaboration with our major aviation clients sets the course for demand-oriented development.

We are not only leaders in technology. Moreover, we meet all safety requirements on design assurance procedures in hard- and software development, qualification and certification (DO-254 and DO-178 through DAL B, DO-160, MIL STD 810/704, and NATO Supplier Code C4792). KAPPA is one of very few  EN/AS 9100-certified camera suppliers with 21G competencies under the supervision of a major OEM.