USB 3 Cameras and GigE Vision Cameras

Industrial cameras and systems for industrial image processing systems

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Industrial camera with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision

Industrial camera with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision (Kappa BIA)

Industrial camera with USB3 Vision

Industrial camera with USB3 Vision (Kappa BIA)

Interface GigE Vision or USB3 Vision

Interface GigE Vision or USB3 Vision

Kappa provides high-performance USB 3 and GigE Vision cameras and OEM modules for every measurement and inspection task that plant builders and integrators need. OEM camera modules are modified according to customer requirements, and are available in Rugged Design versions as well for extremely harsh industrial environments. Special signal processing, mechanical modifications and customer-specific interface configuration are all part of our concept, as are integration of optical components and illumination. Kappa also offers specially adjusted X-ray camera modules for industrial NDT systems and x-ray detectors.


PC-controlled industrial CMOS camera with USB3 VISION by Kappa optronics

PC-controlled industrial CMOS camera with USB3 VISION

Camera solutions for your requirements

Industrial cameras from Kappa are perfectly designed for machine integration and fit into the tightest spaces. Kappa provides cameras for all measuring and inspection tasks in different performance and price classes. We offer specific signal processing, mechanic adaptations, lenses, illumination and customer-specific interface assignment. The camera solution is based on a modern CMOS camera design (optional CCD) and a versatile sensor choice (VGA up to 12 MP). With Ethernet / GigE Vision, USB3/USB3 Vision ( Option CameraLink), the most important industrial interfaces are available for selection. I/O flexibility for external tigger signals (e.g. illumination) is assured. Our computerbased systems are equipped with control software.


Small and flexible: FDC-S, PC-controlled CMOS industrial camera with USB3 VISION.

Rugged design for rough industrial environments

Kappa rugged design cameras are especially suited for machine integration in rough industrial environments. These cameras are highly robust, e.g., with an extreme temperature range, high resistance to shock and vibration and protection against foreign objects, corrosive fluids and oil.

UV camera for industrial UV applications

We provide UV cameras with a specific protection glass which is permeable for UV light. These cameras are designed for use in industrial UV-VIS applications, e.g. in quality control in food industry.

  • Integration to go: our cameras are perfectly prepared for your application - with all required adaptations of housing, connections, software and more.
  • Reliable camera performance for your requirements
  • Great flexibility for customer-specific designs even for middle and small batches


Light measurement: Cameras for precise measurement of LED, Laser and other light sources 

Industrial X-ray: GigE Vision X-ray CMOS cameras for NDT, inspections systems and X-ray detectors  

Camera solutions for automatic inspection with strongly reflective materials

Microscope cameras for industrial microscopy


Portfolio industrial cameras

Excellent image quality
GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, (CameraLink)
IO’s / Trigger
up to 12 MP, Full HD, WVGA, VGA
up to 60 fps
high dynamic range
color fidelity, rich in contrast
compatibility with HALCON, Matrox Imaging Library, Common Vision Box, LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.
board-level cameras or compact boxed versions, protective housing with integrated lens up to IP 67 K