Raw image data cameras with USB 3 and GigE Vision

e.g., 2 MPixel/120 fps, USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision), GigE and PoE (GigE Vision), GenICam

PC-controlled industrial CMOS camera with USB3 VISION by Kappa optronics

PC-controlled industrial CMOS camera with USB3 VISION


Carsten Geigengack

Carsten Geigengack

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Raw image data for external processing
VGA up to max. Megapixel, scalable 
up to 120 Fps
CMOS- and sCMOS sensors (rolling shutter, global shutter), also HDR
Small, inexpensive, low power consumption
USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision)
GigE (GigE Vision), PoE
GenICam XML-Files (LabView compatible)
Digitization 8, 10, 12 Bit, 12 p
Meta data /chunk data
Adjustable image formats (ROI …); Fee definition: streams and single freeze frames freely scalable (resolution & framerate), long time 
Software and hardware trigger/strobe out/frame on demand
Switchable automatic exposure control in free running mode
Rolling & global shutter sensors
Integration into Third Party software 
Camera-internal electronic signature for image data authentication
C-mount, CS-mount, S-mount and other adapters/customer mount
Board cameras, compact boxed cameras or complex solution (optics, illumination, housing, adaptions, precision adjustment) 



CMOS Platinenkamera FDC-S mit USB3 VISION

This project camera "re-shapes" itself for your projects!

A perfect project camera: FDC-S, the CMOS board-level camera with USB3 Vision

Small and flexible: FDC-S, PC-controlled CMOS industrial camera with USB3 VISION.

Camera modules for machine integration

Numerous CMOS sensors with VGA up to multi megapixel resolution can be used. With Ethernet / GigE Vision, USB, and CameraLink, the most important industrial interfaces are available for selection. Computerbased systems are equipped with control software.

Third-party software is directly usable via GigE Vision, USB 3 Vision or GeniCam with no problem whatsoever. For integration into specific applications, the SDK (GV) offers optimal adaptation possibilities (Windows, Linux).

Kappa’s typical Rugged quality ensures high resistance and long life. With crystal-clear signal quality, clean characterization, and proprietary color processing, the cameras are perfect for all automated imaging systems, and thanks to precise synchronization, for 3D systems as well.


Ultracompact & flat OEM module design for integration into the X-ray chain

We provide specifically adapted FDC modules with specific image processing functions for X-ray applications.

  • Maximum sensitivity, low noise                    
  • X-ray specific realtime signal processing
  • Excellent gray resolution
  • LVDS, GigE Vision

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FDC for traffic applications: HDR sensors for extreme light conditions

Based on the FDC platform we also implement powerful traffic camera solutions with HDR sensors and specific signal processing for our customers.

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