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No compromise! Our strength is maximum safety DO 254, DO-178C ...

Aviation & Defense Cameras and Systems

No Compromise: customer-specific camera solutions are our strength!

Your solution: With a fundamental understanding of your industry’s processes and conditions, we can offer you a tailor-made camera solution to maximize your entire system’s performance. With our multifunctional technology platforms, we efficiently handle many highly diverse applications, even for use in harsh environments. Customer-specific requirements are implemented straightforwardly, yet expansions and further developments are also possible at any time.



Flight visualisation, flight tests, flight security, UAV control, in-flight refueling

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Your benefits at a glance

Latest sensor technology up to 4K | Extremely rugged design | Day & night vision under demanding light conditions | Low-Latency| Distortion-free imaging of fast-moving scenes | Maximum safety | High integration capability | Complete systems for your requirements | Long-term availability & functional warranty over the life cycle