Kappa is a member of Aerospace Valley

Promoting development of future technologies in the expertise cluster

Aerospace Valley ist a strong network of more than 800 companies and research centers in aerospace technology (aeronautics, space, embedded systems), headquartered in Toulouse.

With membership comes the opportunity to work together as partners at a high level on joint projects in the aerospace industry.

Interview: We spoke with Kappa Aerospace Manager Christophe Tourné about his expectations
for membership in the Aerospace Valley network.


What is the Aerospace Valley’s strength?

Tourné: In Aerospace Valley, all the key European players in the aerospace sector are represented, such as Airbus, Latécoère and Thales. Moreover, Aerospace Valley connects many specialized small and mid-sized companies at the regional and national level in one expertise cluster. For us, therefore, it’s a gigantic and very fruitful network for exchanging information, for discussions and of course for business relationships.


What does Kappa expect from membership in Aerospace Valley?

Tourné: I think that Aerospace Valley offers the perfect platform for highly specialized SMEs like Kappa. Here, we can work directly with key players in complex system development projects and contribute to the solution in the entire system. We’re getting in really early in the development of future technologies this way. Membership in Aerospace Valley qualifies us to be a partner - and we’re very proud of that.


What developments are you seeing in the aerospace industry?

Tourné: Organizations like the Aerospace Valley play a very important role when it comes to networking more strongly now at the European level and bundling the expertise areas already available, especially in the area of avionics systems. Doing this, the ability of European technology to compete internationally in the global market is strengthened. That’s the direction things are moving in, and to do that, you have to be able to work together. Pools of expertise make us all stronger.


Which topics are moving the industry at this time?

Tourné: The way I see it, along with the major topic of hack attacks, where we don’t have as much input, in the civilian arena there’s security on board, for example cockpit surveillance and cabin surveillance with recording, as well as in-flight entertainment. In the area of defense, there’s a lot going on right now surrounding in-flight refueling and HUD. These are all areas in which we as a camera developer have deep expertise and a lot of experience at our disposal.