Aviation Cameras: Flight Eye Full HD Camera Series

for all aircraft applications


Flight Eye cameras for FTI tasks

Flight Eye cameras for FTI tasks

Flight Eye cameras: specialized aerospace cameras 

Modern high-performance electronics comprise the common technical denominator, based upon typical Kappa characteristics: extremely resistant, maximally reliable, and available long term. Model profiles have been formed for use in a wide variety of military and civilian airborne camera applications, indoor and outdoor.


Flight test cameras for all FTI tasks (overview drawing)

Flight test cameras for all FTI tasks

Flight Eye cameras for airborne applications

The Flight Eye series consists of fully qualified COTS cameras suited for all applications on aircraft, e.g., real-time monitoring/surveillance, integration into telemetric systems as FTI cameras or crash recording. Among the most common applications are UAV piloting, flight guidance, taxi aid, cabin surveillance, cockpit surveillance, cockpit door surveillance, cargo surveillance and much more.


Full HD videos, uncompressed SD videos and H.264 compressed HD streams

Flight Eye cameras offer uncompressed SD video, Full HD-video via SDI output, or H264-compressed HD streams via Ethernet. Most recently, onboard recording of all video data and smaller sizes have been added.

Use of IRIG B timecode or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) guarantees time-synchronous recording to sensors in other devices. Every camera model is equipped with integrated optics, offering a panoramic field of view from 17° to 155°FOV depending upon the model version. Available as an option are fully IR integrated lightings. They are equipped with CMOS or CCD Full HD sensors.


Aircraft Tasks
Cockpit , cockpit door, cargo and cabin surveillance cameras
Flight test cameras
In-flight entertainment cameras
Taxi aid cameras
Head up display cameras, HUD
Daylight cameras for Payloads/UAV
Vision system for Air-to-air refueling
UAV/UAS Piloting 
Wing tip cameras


Options for all aircraft applications
uncompressed SD video
Full HD-video via SDI output, D1
H.264 compressed HD streams /Ethernet
Onboard recording of all video data
CMOS sensor (CCD possible)
IR lighting for low light level, zero lux
FOV 17° up to 155°
smaller sizes and housings
Development and manufacturing according to
EN/AS 9100
FFF retrofit design / FAA Form 8130-3
In preparation: Part 21 Subpart G, EASA Form 1 / FAA Form 8130-3
IPMA certified Project Managers IPC-A-610, PCA-600, IPC J-STD-001, IPC / WHMA-A-620


Rugged design

For outdoor applications, sapphire glass, heating, and IP67 protection create ice- and fog-free visibility. The MIL-STD 704 power supply protects against power fluctuations and surges as well as lightning strike damage. Rugged Design, specially certified for aviation use and tested according to RTCA DO-160 and ED-112 standards, assures operational reliability in all aspects.


Low Latency, Flight Eye Cameras

G2G  (Glass-to-Glass) Latency is measured to 360 ms in a 1080P30 usecase. Taking buffering for smooth display, transmission, h.264 decoding and displaying at the target device into account, the camera latency is calculated and measured to be < 180ms (see below download latency report).



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