RIB 2000 NG: Inspection System for Large-Bore Tubes

Wear inspection and condition assessment

 RIB 2000 NG inspection system for large-caliber tubes

RIB 2000 NG inspection system for large-caliber tubes consisting of operating unit, insertion unit and diameter measurement module

The RIB 2000 NG measuring and examination system supports military users with quality control and wear inspection on the interior surfaces of gun barrels.

Its rugged, long life cycle design allows use in the field or shop. The RIB 2000 NG system can be used for inspecting wear resulting from actual use. This unique, complete system allows the user to inspect the interior of any large-caliber barrel. The system measures distance, angle and depth, handling documentation of all defects with referring data sets of measurement results and images.


Hardware: Bore Insertion Unit (BIU) + Observation and Evaluation Unit (OEU)

The RIB 2000 NG consists of an insertion unit with built-in sensors, two integrated high-resolution cameras and an observation and evaluation unit. The digital cameras provide highest possible resolution images of straight 0° and 90° views of the inside barrel wall. The bore insertion unit may be inserted into either the breech or muzzle end of the barrel and located anywhere along its length at the point of the suspected defect. By easily exchanging the guide rings, the system can be adapted to any caliber from 76-180 mm and to other calibers on request. LCD flat-screen displays feature optimum performance within confined space. The computer hardware is integrated into the RIB 2000 NG system’s rugged transport case that affords protection, storage and transportation.


Wear inspection in large-caliber tubes with RIB 2000 NG (software screen)

Wear inspection in large-caliber tubes with RIB 2000 NG

User-Friendly Application Software

Easy localization and measurement of defects: The application-oriented software enables depth and area measurements as well as volume calculation. A simple, directed user interface allows the user to work safely and comfortably, reviewing stored data sets during the evaluation procedure. The system guarantees 100% precise archiving and reproduction of all data and retracing of defects (angle and distance). Reports, consisting of the data table as standard spread sheet file and selected images, can be exported to USB memory devices. TDv018 license holders may use the special TDv018 table format to export reports.


Diameter measurement modules for large-bore tubes, RIB 2000 NG

Diameter measurement modules for large-bore tubes, RIB 2000 NG

Diameter Measurement Module Option

Mounted on the BIU and connected to the OEU, the optionally available DM module measures gun barrel diameter. Measuring heads are available for 105, 120, 122, 125, 130 and 155 mm calibers, also available for other calibers upon request.


RIB 2000 NG Zubehör Set

RIB 2000 NG comes with extensive functions and easy handling. 


Inspection of different bore sizes: easy adaptation by guide ring exchange
(76, 105, 120, 155 mm, other calibers on request)
Measurement of distance, angle and depth of erosions
Live images of straight 0° and 90° view of the inside barrel wall
Full screen view of defects
Switchable grid and ellipse overlay over live image for quick initial diagnosis
Interactive measuring module with multiple overlay and annotation functions
Storing of measurement results in data base
Calculation of volume based on depth and area measurement data
Direct table overview of all measurement results with linked image
Forwarding of reports with USB memory device
Reports showing angle, distance and diameter exportable as standard spreadsheet files
On-site training is available