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Multispectral Situational Awareness Solutions (SAS)

SAS solutions | Situational Awareness Systems

The High-Level DVE Surround View System is perfectly prepared for situational awareness capabilities. An intelligent video management unit combines different cameras on the vehicle and plays the latency-free streams on monitors in the vehicle for various operators. Applications for object identification and tracking (DRI – Detection-Recognition- Identification) can likewise be integrated, such as a 4K eZoom for comfortable switching between close and long range with just one camera. Following features ...:


SAS Solutions

360° Situational Awareness 24/7
Additional cameras, e.g. long range and 4K for 4K eZoom
Sensor fusion day & night vision
Embedded vision
DRI with tracking and prediction
Additional monitors
H.264 mission recording




Excellence DRI range

Excellent DRI range

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