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Helicopter cameras for monitoring/surveillance, crash recording, flight test (FTI) and more

Cameras for helicopter applications: Flight test cameras, surveillance tasks (cargo, cockpit door, Bambi bucket, etc.), crash recording according to ED-155. Short video overview of cameras from Kappa optronics on helicopters.

Our high-performance Flight Eye cameras (FE 320, FE 350, and FE 250) are perfect for most helicopter-specific applications. The FE 320 COTS camera is small, lightweight, SWaP optimized and offers integrated loop recording. Thanks to its modular design, the camera is extremely versatile and field-proven in a wide range of helicopter applications (civil, corporate, and military) from firefighting helicopters or surveillance helicopters to rescue helicopters. The focus in this area is on cameras and vision systems for BOS helicopters (authorities and organizations) SAR (Search and Rescue) and HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services).

More about the Flight Eye Series

Flight Eye FE 320 - Benchmark

Flight Eye FE 320 - Remote Distance

Anti-Reflexion Cockpit Camera, Flight Eye FE 320

Black-Mode, Anti-Reflexion Cockpit Camera, Flight Eye FE 320

 Helicopter cameras for crash recording

Helicopter cameras for crash recording

Meet regulations safely with crash recording cameras

Helicopter cameras for crash recording according to NTSB / EASA / FAA regulation

Crash Recording is already mandatory for HEMS and VIP helicopters: The current NTSB regulation requires Crash Safety Data Recorders for helicopters used for passenger transport (e.g. VIP HC and HEMS/ Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), EASA (Europe) and FAA (USA) will follow.

OEM and retrofit: our solution is tailored to the requirements
As the first system on the market, the Kappa Crash Recording System already meets the requirements of ED155 and DO160 as well as the Design Assurance Level according to DO178 and DO254. One of the most important conditions: The system must be light enough to not impact the overall weight of the helicopter.

To the crash recording solution

 Cameras for fire fighting helicopters Mi8

Cameras for fire fighting helicopters Mi8

Cameras for fire fighting helicopters (Mi8 use case)

Application with Flight Eye camera FE 250

On the Mi8 firefighting helicopter, a Kappa helicopter camera system provides a perfect, latency-free video view for the smooth and safe Bambi Bucket Fill & Drop operation (monitoring of the firefighting water external load tank). The FE 250 helicopter camera is used here with real-time transmission of the images to the pilot display via SDI. 

Kappa Helicopter Cameras

SWaP optimized
Integrated loop recording
Modular design


Helicopter cameras for surveillance applications | Outdoor

Cameras for rotor icing detection
Cameras for rotor surveillance - smoke detection
Cameras for helicopter door surveillance - closed?
Cameras for surveillance of cargo under the helicopter
Cameras for environmental surveillance
FTI cameras (Flight Test Instrumentation/flight test cameras)
Sense & avoid cameras

Helicopter cameras for surveillance applications | Indoor

Cameras for cockpit surveillance
Cameras for cabin surveillance
Cameras for cargo surveillance
Cameras for crash recording


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