SAS Systems: 360° Situational Awareness for Military Ground Vehicles

Safety for Tank Crews with Perfect Panoramic View from within the Armored Vehicle

Good sight and orientation form the basis for fast, effective decision making in threatening situations. To that end, high-performance SAS (Situational Awareness Systems) equipped with special high-resolution, light-sensitive cameras, offer 360° panoramic view within windowless vehicles without opening hatches or exposing personnel.

The crew’s safety is the highest priority on every mission!

Using state-of-the-art vision technology, potential threats are identified and repelled, even in confusing situations and under any weather and environmental conditions (desert sand, glistening light, rough terrain, etc.). The tank crew has direct access to all critical information regarding the surroundings.


SAS - 360° situational awareness for military ground vehicles

SAS system for armored vehicles

VIS Cameras with Excellent Low Light Capability for 24/7 Day & Night Vision

VIS cameras operate in the visible light frequency range, thus capturing every lighting situation from glistening brightness to night vision in almost complete darkness. Kappa VIS CMOS cameras with extreme low light capabilities deliver 24/7 high-quality, latency-free streams in even the lowest light areas. In many SAS systems, Kappa’s VIS cameras also provide streams for image fusion with thermal imaging / IR cameras.

Perfect integration

SWaP-C optimized cameras are perfectly prepared for integration into applicable peripherals and can be modified application-specifically for the corresponding use. Depending upon the application, various interfaces such as HD SDI, GigE Vision or CameraLink with corresponding video protocols (SMTP, RTP, etc.) are available.

Combination SAS/ Driver Assistance System

Flexible architecture also enables a combination of SAS and driver assistance systems. While with SAS latency is not closely monitored and latency of 150 ms is considered acceptable, driver assistance systems’ image information must of course be available latency-free in real time.


 High-Performance Rugged HD Cameras for SAS Systems (Kappa optronics)

High-Performance Rugged HD Cameras for SAS Systems

SAS as New Complete System or as Upgrade for Older Fleets

Decision makers today have to responsibly balance performance demands and safety needs in new threat situations with limited budgetary resources . Kappa’s state-of-the-art SAS systems based on COTS modules are thus not only standard equipment in new projects but also, thanks to their open architecture and outstanding integration capability, in retrofits or upgrades to existing systems as well. Thus, you sustainably and cost-effectively increase your proven fleet’s performance capacity and life expectancy.


Kappa SAS und driver assistance systems have been installed in numerous international MoD projects, proving their value every day for decades.

Also Possible Continent upon the Vehicle: Approval for Civilian Road Traffic – Thanks to Camera System

Cameras capture armored military vehicles’ blind spots, some of which are gigantic, making persons in danger zones visible during travel or in use, as required by relevant road traffic laws and regulations. Kappa has extensive experience with demanding driver vision systems in uses subject to regulatory approval (i.e., in accordance with European standards).

Why Kappa? Rely on our Military Imaging Know-How!

With our decades of experience with cameras in the military sector, we understand your demands and mission conditions precisely, advising you expertly. Our Rugged Cameras are specially designed for defense demands — not just the camera module, but also the optics. Lenses are either manufactured according to Kappa’s design or we post-harden them. Our camera platforms can be easily modified for your special use, regardless of whether a special form, a particular connector or other adaptations of any mechanical or electronic variety are needed. We have all the relevant the MIL-STD demands well in hand. Let’s talk about your project!


Kappa SAS Systems

VIS camera with extreme low-light capabilities for day & night vision
CCD or CMOS Global Shutter – powerful in dynamic scenes
Electronic image image stabilizer
HD Panoramic View with excellent image performance (color quality, contrast)
HDRadapt, adaptive light level algorithm, i.e., for clear sight in whirring desert settings
Various resolutions, SD up to 4K
Various interfaces such as HD-SDI, GigE Vision or Camera Link
SWaP-C optimized
Outstanding in EMC / ESD
Highly precise mechanical and electronical sensor alignment for perfect camera coordination, providing pristine 360° representation
Rugged: shock- and vibration-resistant, moisture and dust protection according to IP 67, high protection against frost, salty conditions and other environmental impacts
Specially hardened lenses with various focal lengths
Mechanical and software-side modifications are possible
Mission-proven design as a complete system or optimized components


Kappa G2G (glass-to-glass) with ultra low latency in 47.4 ms, based onHDC3 camera platform:

  Delta [ms] Sum [ms]
Integration time 16.7 16.7
Frame memory 16.7 33.4
Processing 2.0 35.4
Display 12.0 47.4



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The crew’s safety is the highest priority on every mission!

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