Full HD Periscope cameras

for integration into submarine optronic systems

Kappa periscope cameras deliver 24/7 high quality video images of high dynamic range maritime sceneries.

Light conditions at the water surface, e.g., with extreme reflections, present a real challenge. Due to a specific image processing informative quality images can be provided under these conditions. Kappa periscope cameras also feature a specific sun protection for the sensor.

Camera capabilities include digital still, color TV and low light level TV in high-definition resolution. Images and streams can be recorded, exploited and analyzed within the system.


Highlights CMOS Full HD Periscope Camera

CMOS IMX 174 with global shutter and HDR function

HDTV SDI, SMPTE 292, 1080p – 25 fps

Panoramic display function

Anti-blooming camera

Auto synchronization with the higher level system/periscope

Frame latency < 1 frame

Light source identification

18 – 33 VDC power supply

Temperature range: -30°C up to +75°C

Design assurance according to your requirements



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