Driver Vision Systems for Armored Vehicles

Robust cameras for special purpose vehicles

Vision system for armored vehicles / tanks

Vision system for armored vehicles / tanks

Not only in the area of passenger cars, but for unusual vehicles as well, Kappa stands at the ready with a suitable vision system solution. One recent example is the equipping of fast-moving special high mobility engineer excavators. In this case, “fast-moving” means up to 90 kph (56 mph). The driver’s limited field of view in the protected cab had previously prevented the excavator’s approval for road use, requiring vehicles of this type to be transported using low loaders or semi-trailers. Excavators of this type are used for clearing and excavation in aid missions. To these ends, they are fitted with a shovel bucket in the front and a backhoe in the rear. Due to the vehicle’s overall length, height, and its so-called A pillars, the operator’s angle of view is greatly limited. While in the past, personnel on the ground were necessary to direct the driver/operator, he can now orient himself effortlessly with the help of camera systems.


Approved for civilian road traffic in accordance with German regulations – thanks to the camera system.

Cameras can capture the gigantic blind spots and make people in danger zones visible when the vehicle is in use, as required by the relevant laws and ordinances covering road traffic. For these kits, Kappa supplies two HD CCD color cameras for the forward vision that are integrated into the entire system. The latency-free video images offer outstanding visibility in real time. 


Latency-free panoramic imaging systems for mining and road construction

Mining is yet another field of use for driver vision assistance systems. According to Ingolf Popel, “the conditions are similar there; you need highly robust equipment for treacherous terrain.” Added to that, the vehicles used in mining are oversized trucks. Due to their height and width, there is an extremely broad field of view that cameras have to cover. Kappa’s driver assistance systems can capture angles of up to 110°, distortion-free and in real time. Networked individual cameras form a latency-free panoramic imaging system.

Says Key Account Manager Ingolf Popel, “the feedback we’ve received from operators is super. For them, it’s like ‘looking out there yourself’. A totally new feeling when driving.” So equipped, this fast backhoe loader combines high mobility with high safety – not just for the driver/ operator, but for all people in the vicinity as well.



HD or SD, just as required:

different resolutions, SD and HD (HD-SDI)
excellent image performance (color quality, contrast)
optics with different focal lengths
panoramic view up to 95° FOV
moisture and dust protection to IP protection class 67
high-level protection against frost, saline environments and other environmental effects


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