Cameras for precise measurement of LED, laser and other light sources

Cameras as precise tool for light measurement

Kappa cameras are optimized as precise measurement tools for your application. With very good signal processing, excellent image quality and available interfaces to control peripherals as customers require, these cameras are optimally suited for the most diverse measurement tasks, such as measurement of lasers, LEDs and other light sources. For perfect integration into customers’ systems, Kappa offers mechanical customizations, special software and application-specific signal processing.


Meticulously characterized cameras

Kappa uses high-end collimators for highly precise camera characterization. With HORST, our flexible camera measuring station, we execute customer-specific measurement concepts to spec. Upon the customer’s request, camera calibration and alignment with the customer’s parameters are precisely documented in an individual camera certificate. These meticulously characterized cameras guarantee reliable and defined measurement conditions.

Customers wishing to further process images to specific color computations will profit even more from the fact that our color computation for color sensors is developed in-house. Customizations for particular measurement tasks can thus be made at any time. Kappa’s color camera measuring station makes this flexibility possible.


Close coordination of optical and technical parameters

Our highly specialized customers in the area of light measurement profit from our processes' particular openness and flexibility. We move entirely according to your requirements. Examples: we mount sensors which are premeasured by our customers; we deliver partially assembled systems and special housing constructions, or we prepare interface boards for the customer’s special control functions.


Hyperspectral imaging

Kappa cameras deliver high-contrast, low-noise images in the multispectral and hyperspectral ranges. Application fields include light measurement, LED characterization, quality control for foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics inspection, recycling and precision farming.


Balanced camera electronics

Balanced camera electronics enable noise-free measurement results across the entire spectral range. Among the decisive performance characteristics of this technology are high resolution, maximal grayscale dynamics and outstanding sensitivity.


Expanding the wavelength range

By removing the NIR filter, the wavelength range can be stretched as needed into the near-infrared spectrum — and by additionally decapping the sensor, it can even be stretched into the UV spectrum.


Cooled CCD Cameras for opsira Light Measurement Systems

Opsira light measurement system

Opsira light measurement system

Opsira, development provider for optical innovations, develops light measurement systems for photometric performance characteristics of products and components, and more.

Their range of services includes luminance measurement, scattered light measurement, measurement of spectral reflection and transmission, emission measurement and spectral measurement as well as the provision of light source beam data.

Luminance, stray light, spectral reflexion transmissionnsmessung und Spektralmessung sowie die Bereitstellung von Lichtquellen-Strahlendaten.

Performance Measurement

Light measurement systems for measurement of photometric performance characteristics of products and components

For highly specialized customers like opsira, it is important to retain control of certain steps. We provide specially adapted variations of our high-resolution digital cameras. To improve performance (dark current, noise, thermal noise), cooled systems are installed. The customer handles measurement and installation of the Sony ICX 285 CCD sensors that are used. The housing construction is adapted to customer specifications. The customer integrates mechanical components, such as filter wheels, while Kappa sets up control for these specialized functions on the interface board – with full attention to the particular requirements of cooled systems. Since the systems are delivered partially assembled, the demands of full assembly in a dust-free environment are especially high.


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