CCD & CMOS Microscope Cameras

All-around WLAN cameras for digital microscopy

  Zelos, Tauri und Juno der neuesten Generation! Das gesamte Portfolio für die digitale Mikroskopie:

Portfolio digital microscopy:

CCD-, CMOS- and sCMOS sensors (Rolling Shutter, Global Shutter)
VGA up to max. Megapixel
GigE Vision, Fast Ethernet, USB 2+3, HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, CameraLink, H264
PC-independant wth integrated memory, PC operation with software
Smart signal processing
Embedded Linux Basis, Microcontroller/FPGA basiert
Full HD
Color fidelity
Low noise


Allround Mikroskopkameras, CCD und CMOS

High Performance Camera Portfolio for Microscopy:

In this business sector, Kappa serves integrators alike with a continually expanding portfolio: Full HD cameras for pathologists, OEM cameras with HDMI interface and SD memory cards for the microscope manufacturer, cooled systems for spectroscopy, and multispectral imaging as well as a small yet high-performing camera family for microscopy dealers. We develop cameras for adaptation and as board-level models for integration into complex systems with implementation of client-specific requirements.


From VGA up to max. megapixels

Kappa microscopy cameras offer excellent dynamic range and the best image performance. They are built on a 14-bit system platform with different interfaces, various sensors, corresponding resolutions (VGA up to 8 megapixels) and frame rates from 9 to 60 full-screen images per second. The systems operate connected to a PC with control software or without a PC, with or without internal memory.

Smart signal processing

Among the comprehensive real-time signal processing functions are settings for exposure time modes, read-out modes (binning and partial scan, for example), frame rate, gain controls, measurement window functions, contrast and edge ehancement functions (such as histogram stretching and equalization), line and circular line generators, and dynamic look-up table. Kappa’s proprietary color processing offers settings especially for RGB Bayer interpolation and color saturation.

Application fields

Kappa camera technology is in use with microscopes for bright-field, dark-field, phase-contrast, interference-contrast and fluorescence microscopy and for routine automated laboratory applications. Also for telemicroscopy.


Juno2, compact stand-alone microscope camera

Juno2, compact stand-alone microscope camera

Juno2 is a platform for customer-specific implementations. This complete vision system provides more pixels, more power, and more flexibility. The camera is available as compact version or as board-level module, as OEM camera or as private label version.  

All-In Concept Juno2:
5 MP CMOS sensor (1920 x 1080 Pixel)
HDMI Full HD output
30 frames / sec. live stream
SD card image memory, snap + recording
Automatic exposure, white balance
Easy-to-use IR remote control
OSD menu
PC-independant operation



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