Rail, Road & Offroad

Rugged Camera Modules for Heavy Duty Vehicles: 360° FOV All-Round Vision

Rugged Cameras for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Rail, road & offroad vision systems - for authority-approved use as well

Kappa is your experienced partner when it comes to robust camera systems for heavy-use and specialized vehicles, vision systems for agricultural vehicles and construction equipment, as well as customized onboard IP cameras for trains and rails. Cameras for extreme environmental conditions are our core business. In the area of recording/streaming, our systems meet all demands.

Is the vehicle en route in road traffic? Our vision systems fulfill all requirements for safety-related and road use approval, each according to specification. We support you in the testing and approval processes for civilian road traffic approval.

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Cameras for Specialized Vehicles

Highly robust camera systems for efficient vehicle operation

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IP Cameras for Rolling Stock Applications

Adapted onboard IP cameras

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Rugged Full HD Camera Profile

Cameras for surveillance and driver vision systems

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