Camera Modules for Agricultural Vehicles

Optimizing Safety and Efficiency

Camera-supported obstacle recognition for agricultural vehicles

Camera-supported obstacle recognition for agricultural vehicles

Camera-supported obstacle recognition

Due to their extreme size, modern agricultural vehicles can hardly be operated safely without camera-supported technology, especially on public roads. Safe, secure obstacle recognition is of particular importance for avoiding accidents - recognizing humans, animals and objects in the vehicle’s surroundings in time.


Safe manoeuvring and positioning

Cameras enable safe driving with no blind spots and aid in the maneuvering of large machines with trailers. Camera-supported positioning of the spout provides one example of marked increase in efficiency as well.


Heat, dust and vibration: demanding agricultural environment

High image quality with optimum robustness: Kappa cameras for agricultural vehicles distinguish themselves with the highest reliability under extreme environmental conditions. Agricultural uses require particular shock and vibration resistance, dust resistance, and a broad temperature range for all weather conditions.


Specific camera systems for innovation-driven agriculture

Kappa is your partner in innovative agricultural technology. We develop and manufacture camera systems, specially aligned to your requirements, for networked intelligent precision machinery. Even for automated and semiautomated vehicles (master/slave), Kappa brings strong expertise to the project, providing you with safety for your processes.

Rugged Design

Standardized Design Assurance

Qualification according to your requirements



  • obstacle recognition
  • safe manoeuvring with no blind spots
  • tractor/trailer combinations
  • precise spout positioning
  • coordination with accompanying vehicles such as tractor trailers
  • supervision of different areas of operation, i.e., rear area and loading area



Camera profile

  • latency-free real-time
  • 360° panoramic view
  • FOV specific to the customer’s needs
  • monitor/display integration
  • impact and vibration resistance
  • dust (particle) resistance
  • water (moisture) resistance
  • chemical resistance (hydraulic fluid)
  • up to IP 69K level of protection
  • temperature range -55 to +75° C (-67 to +185° F)
  • optically isolated  inputs
  • EMV certification
  • SD, HD resolution
  • fitted housing and mountings
  • system integration



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