Robust camera systems for specialized vehicles

Safe maneuvering with 360° panoramic view cameras

Robust camera systems for specialized vehicles

Robust camera systems for specialized vehicles

Highly robust camera systems for harsh environments

Heavy construction equipment, excavators, and cranes operate under extreme environmental conditions. Camera systems in these environments have to not only provide state-of-the-art technology with latency-free, real-time images conveniently displayed on the monitor, but above all else, they must be highly robust. Specifically, this means high impact and vibration resistance for rough terrain, a high temperature range for desert use as well as for icy winter conditions (such as de-icing cameras for ice-free views), a housing protected inside and out from radiation with EMV certification (to some extent radioactivity-resistant as well), dust resistance, chemical resistance (i.e., hydraulic fluid), and water impermeability up to IP 69 K level of protection (high pressure cleaner proof). As a specialized provider of rugged cameras, Kappa can routinely fulfill all of these requirements, and moreover, can specifically service your particular needs.


Optimized obstacle recognition for greater efficiency and safety

Operator cabin construction, as well as the enormous dimensions of modern specialized vehicles with extremely wide fields of view, limit that very field of view, making camera support an absolute must for responsible and efficient vehicle operation. 360° camera systems with clear display presentation provide safety in critical situations such as humans within the vehicle’s periphery, heavy traffic volume, confusing construction zones, or narrow loading areas, and they enable precise maneuvering. Eliminating blind spots with optimized obstacle recognition drops accident risk significantly. The camera system can establish the prerequisites for a vehicle’s approval for road use.


Versatile camera systems

Integrated specially into the vehicle/cockpit or cost-effectively retrofitted: Kappa offers customer-specific systems that combine perfectly into your design and into the special requirements specification of the vehicle series. No compromises whatsoever need be entered into for the technical design: your camera system is cost-efficiently tailored exactly to your requirements. For retrofitting your existing fleet, we offer cost-effective and high-performance models based on existing robust camera platforms.

Rugged Design

Design Assurance for safety-critical applications

Qualification according to your requirements

For your requirements

  • latency-free 360° panoramic view
  • FOV specific to the customer’s needs
  • monitor/display integration
  • impact and vibration resistance
  • dust/particle resistance
  • water/moisture resistance
  • up to IP 69K level of protection
  • temperature range -55 to +75°C (-67 to +185 °F)
  • optically isolated  inputs
  • EMV certification
  • SD, HD resolution
  • chemical resistance (hydraulic fluid)



  • crane, heavy duty crane, double jib crane
  • construction vehicles
  • road construction vehicles, crushers
  • excavators
  • mining vehicles fur surface and underground mining
  • heavy duty transporters
  • lift trucks



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