Vibration-Resistant On-Board IP Cameras for Railway Applications

Industrial cameras specially modified for rail technology demands

Whether installed on the outside of the train in harsh environmental conditions or inside for cabin surveillance, cameras improve safety at all levels in rail traffic. 

Kappa’s strength: rail technology cameras specifically for the customer’s needs

For your specialized project, we will modify our platform cameras exactly to your particular requirements for integration into the CCTV system. Housing design, special PCB design, modified algorithms, mechanical modifications and special mountings are all part of the performance scope.


Vibration-Resistant On-Board IP Cameras for Rail Vehicles

Vibration-Resistant On-Board IP Cameras for Rail Vehicles

Safety on the route with exterior cameras for obstacle recognition

Whether overgrown vegetation, garbage on the tracks or anything else, exterior cameras assume responsibility for safe obstacle recognition in rail traffic. Vibration-resistant Kappa cameras provide reliable, latency-free image data streams for real-time processing.


 Cabin surveillance with camera systems, in trains as well as in airliners

Cabin surveillance with camera systems, in trains as well as in airliners

Improved passenger safety with cabin surveillance

Cameras in the interior for cabin surveillance are just as highly vibration resistant. Here, cameras are discretely integrated into the interior design, as dome or box cameras for example, or even concealed in the walls. Added to this, Kappa offers maximum flexibility in mechanical modifications and housing designs. Based on the interior lighting in the train, daylight cameras are usually sufficient; however, cameras with LED illumination are available as well for use in weakly lit areas such as control rooms.


Resistant to strong vibrations

Typical vibrations in railway applications make high demands on the system’s stability. Kappa uses a specific PCB design to protect camera technology against vibration fatigue.

Weather-resistant cameras with broad temperature range for exterior use

Cameras’ operational safety must be guaranteed at any time of year, in any type of weather. With a temperature range of -55 to +75°C (-67 to +185?F), protection up to IP 69 K, de-icing and nitrogen rinsing, Kappa cameras fulfill all requirements.

Rugged design


Extreme lighting conditions

Light conditions along the rail are difficult. Around the clock, rapid changes in light conditions, from glistening brightness to the darkness of a tunnel must be mastered while maintaining consistent image quality. At night, too, the camera must provide usable images. Using specially modified algorithms, Kappa HDR camera solutions reliably meet these requirements.

For limited storage and transfer capacities: image data compression using H.264

H.264-compressed HD streams are ideal for real-time monitoring and on-board recording. 


Standards and safety requirements

Processes in hardware and software and software development as well as in manufacturing according to the strict requirements of the rail industry, e.g.:

  • EN 50126: Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
  • EN 50128: Software for railway control and protection systems
  • EN 50129: Safety related electronic systems for railway applications




For your requirements:

  • CCTV industrial cameras
  • On Board IP cameras
  • GigE Ethernet
  • Latency-free, real-time 360° panoramic view
  • FOV specific to the customer’s needs
  • Monitor/Display integration
  • Real-time recording with H264 compression
  • HDR cameras for rapidly changing light (such as in tunnels)
  • day and night vision, low light
  • shock and vibration resistance, specific PCB design
  • dust resistance
  • water resistance
  • up to IP 69 K level of protection
  • Temperature range from -55 to +75°C
  • de-Icing
  • nitrogen rinsing to retard condensation
  • lightning and surge protection
  • optically isolated inputs
  • EMV certification
  • SD, HD resolution
  • modified housing and mountings
  • system integration
  • specially modified solutions



Range of applications:

  • vibration-resistant camera modules for CCTV systems, both in-and outside of rail vehicles, for systems supporting the operator or for automated train control systems
  • rearview mirror cameras, train driver assistance systems
  • cameras for shunting locomotives
  • obstacle recognition
  • signal recognition
  • pantograph monitoring
  • cargo/freight area monitoring
  • cabin surveillance
  • passenger information and entertainment system



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