Power Distribution

Rugged Cameras for Isolation Gap Monitoring in High and Medium-Voltage Distribution Systems

Cameras for Power Distribution Applications

We develop robust cameras for switchgear imaging in high and medium voltage systems. These applications require an extremely shock and EMC resistant design as well as high temperature resistance.


Cameras for Switchgear Monitoring

Safety requirement visible isolating gap

In numerous countries, visible isolating gaps in switchgears constitute a recognized and regulated safety concern. Clients need to install appropriate cameras, fitted with adapters, at all viewports in order to fully visualize the isolation gap in gas insulated switchgears.


Switchgear camera for power distribution applications

Switchgear camera for power distribution applications

For Kappa, this is an "electrifying" task:

With only one opening in the viewport for illumination and image acquisition, a specialized, extremely small housing design must be perfectly aligned to the mechanical interfaces at the client’s site. Special adaptation of the signal processing for the lighting requirements at the client site, such as an integrated, individually controllable LED illumination concept for every camera, and with minimization of reflection of glass and metal surfaces.

Difficult conditions arise from electromagnetic interference and shock/vibration due to proximity to high and peak voltages. Image retrieval is possible either at the facility site or via transmission of the images to a control room. Integration into the client’s system with a specific viewer software is also possible.


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The Camera Module

In every case, the foundation of Kappa’s solutions is an extremely compact camera module with a CMOS sensor and Global Shutter, in a housing developed especially for adaptation to viewports, with client-defined attachment options. These cameras, with typical "Rugged Design by Kappa", are designed for operating temperatures from -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to -112°F) and deliver absolutely reliable high image quality even under more difficult electromagnetic conditions.


Various illumination concepts are available and are optimized for every type of system. As an example: LED illumination is integrated into the camera module. An optimal alignment is preset for every viewport. The user can control the LEDs individually via the viewer software, ensuring images with differing reflection effects while verifying the live image quality.


For this type of use, USB or FireWire are ideal as high-capacity, economical interfaces.


  • Extremely resistant Kappa-quality cameras
  • Client-specific solution based on available camera platforms
  • System solution with viewer software and integration into the client's communication system
  • Kappa's remote solution for monitoring visible isolation gaps optimizes the facility's safety and that of those working in it

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Software Concepts for Image Retrieval in Switchgears

We offer specific concepts according to clients’ requirements.

We offer specific concepts according to clients’ requirements. Integration into the client’s system with specific viewer software is possible. Image retrieval is possible either at the facility site or by remote transmission to a control room.



The included software can be installed on a commercially available laptop. The user can view the live images from each camera and control the LED illumination on the camera. Live images are calibrated against reference images stored in a data bank. The images can then be embedded in reports and into the filing system.


User-friendliness of the software for image retrieval from the camera means for the user:

The password-protected configuration is always changeable, at any time, in normal aspect. 
Large segments of the configuration are operable prior to launch of the actual hardware.
Thanks to its continual plug-and-play system capability, the final configuration can be set with just a few clicks.
The configuration can be stored in an efficient data bank system.
The configuration can be easily secured and transferred.


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