28.08.2014, 00:00

HDRadapt, adaptive Luminance Algorithm

... for all outdoor live monitoring applications.

The adaptive Luminance Algorithm masters all lighting situations in real time: dawn, high noon, dusk, scenes  in parking garages and tunnels, nighttime as well as highlights and backlighting. 

No matter how extreme the  light is or how extremely it changes, the adaptive control algorithm keeps up and delivers what it promises. With intuition and awareness of end users’ needs, the Kappa development team created a formulation for all extreme light situations that gets the best from gain control, exposure time control, luminance and aperture control, color saturation, and edge enhancement, even the interactions between them.

The gain control works across a wide range, the electronic shutter operates the shortest possible exposure times, and the combined external luminance control is precisely positionable. The result: the best image with the most information within a maximum dynamic range of 1:1 000 000 / 120 dB in all conditions is produced. The adaptive algorithm is available for all Kappa camera profiles, consisting of an FPGA and a microcontroller. The function will be demonstrated for the first time at VISION in Stuttgart: see it and believe it for yourself in person at Booth 1F34.