15.11.2012, 00:00

“One Vision”: Kappa at World’s Leading Machine Vision Show in Stuttgart 2012.

Successful positioning as partner for application-specific cameras.

It’s a go! The industry is showing solid growth overall and the show’s visitor count is up again with very good numbers. 

Especially good news for Kappa; even better than last year was the highly sophisticated audience and its very specific interests.

As a partner for application-specific solutions, Kappa clearly sets itself apart from the price-sensitive mass market. Kappa’s potential customers have a different focus: they require a camera solution specially tailored to their demands and they come specifically to Kappa with their precise projects. Here, they know they can expect high technical competency and professional project management. And so come nearly all our important customers to us from around the world to our booth to discuss new and current projects. Some are just coming into being; many other intriguing new projects have been budgeted. bids.

New elements in Kappa’s camera program were convincingly presented: with the Juno, Kappa offers and all-around camera for laboratory tasks with a variety of interfaces and H264 streaming in 1080p30 via network. The Tauri2 is the new Kappa Full HD broadcast camera with switchable HD formats (such as 1080i50 and 1080i60) and reliable even under harsh outdoor conditions. The new Zelos cameras with HDR mode demonstrated outstanding image quality (CMOSIS CMOS 4 MP and Sony CCD ICX674 2.8 MP). Also on view for the first time at Kappa were high-end cameras with the brand-new Truesense KAI 02170 sensor.