15.11.2017, 00:00

Telemetry Experts Meet at the ITC in Las Vegas: Successful Show with Exciting Contacts

From October 24-26 2017, over 1000 industry personnel in the field of telemetry met at the ITC in Las Vegas. At the conference, in the presentations and on the show floor, the central questions were: How will new technologies and new requirements change testing activities? What will be the new challenges and how will we meet them?

Very few camera providers specializing in the high demands of this industry were present. Kappa presented its new FE 350 and FE 320 Flight Eye cameras for use in the field of flight test instrumentation. Visitors were impressed by the fact that these cameras can deliver already compressed video over ethernet. Kappa also exhibited a Tauri HD-SDI camera with minimal latency. Particularly interesting for attendees was Kappa’s expertise in providing cameras for aerospace and aviation that meet mandatory industry standards and corresponding design assurance levels (such as DAL B).

We would like to thank all of our guests for visiting and for such valuable exchanges!