EMC-compliant camera design

Concentrated EMC competence in the entire project process

Kappa optronics Prüfungen für elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit

Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC-appropriate design is a topic that has gained much traction in the last few years. Smaller and smaller structures and higher frequencies make components more sensitive – and make holding to standards more difficult. n light of these facts, EMC is a basic prerequisite of our cameras’ integration capability. If the EMC values don’t match, the entire system won’t work – and in case of doubt it won’t even be approved.

At Kappa, that means that continually increasing interference-free component density from digital and analog components represents a standing challenge in electronics design. Added to that is the ever tighter integration into higher-level systems. Electromagnetic influences that can lead to malfunctions, disruptions or even device failure in actual practice must be excluded. Therefore, EMC effects and the measures taken to eliminate them have to be considered from the outset of and at every step in circuit development.

The more complex the system, the higher the demands upon an EMC-appropriate design

To this end, Kappa has consolidated EMC competence in house in order to stringently construct the entire developmentprocess with respect to EMC, from the applicability of standards through the circuit development all the way through to qualification plans.

EMC specialists are involved in all projects, coming on board even during project planning

This requires a complete understanding of the customer’s requirements to test the suitability of product standards and fine tune these in concert with the customer, as well as defining levels and test procedures. In the development process, circuit designers, engineers and layout artists are technically supported by EMC specialists.

Topics addressed include shielding and mass design and filter circuitry with blocking of disruption-causing components and the selection of appropriate connection cables. EMC test plans and test specifications are defined and implemented in close cooperation with specialized EMC laboratories.

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