Digital Timing and Processing Unit / DTPU

The Heart of Every Kappa Camera

Kappa optronics section signal processing

Here, digitized sensor data pass through the complete signal processing.

Every clock rate needed for the sensor and other components is generated within the DTPU. It contains the digitized sensor data and executes the complete camera signal processing, such as color correction of raw data, aggregation of signals produced by multichannel sensors, gain and exposure control, contrast adjustment, and image data generation in appropriate formats. To achieve all this, highly integrated, programmable logic modules (FPGAs) and high-speed memory chips are used in the DTPU for signal processing. Microcontrollers assume internal control and regulation tasks as well as communication with the outside world.


Advantages using universal DTPU modules with great flexibility

Because developing DTPU hardware is very time- and cost-intensive, Kappa uses a universal DPTU module in many new camera platforms. Using corresponding firmware, different sensors can be controlled and corresponding output signal formats can be generated accordingly.

Our customers gain further uses from this arrangement: because the software is used in many different cameras, the DTPU unit’s hard- and software are fully developed and very stable. Smaller and mediumsized modifications are implemented quickly and securely. We pass the cost advantages from higher production quantities onto our customers.

Für besondere Aufgaben: DTPU mit DSP

Eine Form der DTPU beinhaltet als weiteren Hardwarebaustein einen Digitalen Signal-Processor (DSP). In einem solchen Baustein können zusätzlich anspruchsvolle Bildbearbeitungsaufgaben realisiert werden, wie z.B. Bildkompression, Muster- und Farberkennung.

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