Signal Processing for Application-Specific Cameras

Using proprietary algorithms, we offer flexible real-time signal processing

Our signal processing contains function blocks for image pre-processing, color signal processing, display optimization, overlays, and individual control parameters. Implementation of signal processing algorithms takes place depending on the concrete task in FPGAs, microcontrollers, “system-on-a-chip” platforms and in PC software.

We optimize signal processing to your requirements. A great many customers have special requirements upon the functions in the camera that often deviate from the standard range of functions. Possible examples include special timing behavior in x-ray cameras, special pixel defect correction, equalization of unavoidable optics distortions, and many others. In these cases, we work out an adapted solution together with the customer, based upon the available function
blocks. Such efforts can even result in a completely new development of camera functions for special customer requirements.


Kappa optronics section signal processing

Color computation

Our cameras are based on CCD sensors (full frame sensors with primary color filters in Bayer mosaic or sensors with CMYG color filters for PAL/NTSC resolution cameras), as well as on CMOS technology. The camera-internal algorithmic is adapted for optimal image display under typical environmental conditions and can be flexibly modified if needed for special requirements (such as characteristic light spectra).


Algorithms to improve the displayed image are available. Using digital filters, noise can be reduced and edge transitions within images can be emphasized. A programmable transfer function enables a brightness-dependent adaptation of individual pixels to realize gamma correction as an example, or to adjust image contrast.

Adapted Controls

All controls, such as exposure time, gain, contrast, white balance or control of external components (such as mechanical lens apertures) can be adapted to special customer requirements in order to fulfill the conditions of use. 


Image pre-processing:

The image pre-processing contains functions to compensate undesirable sensor characteristics. Thus, for example, defective pixels in the sensor are compensated, or differences in the output signal of a sensor with multiple outputs are digitally corrected.


Kappa offers a wide variety of modules for the insertion of overlays into the image.

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