Development partner for microscope camera solutions, as OEM board-level camera or complete system

USB 3 and GigE microscope cameras

CMOS cameras: WLAN all-rounder or digital microscopy

Scientific Imaging with Kappa cameras: our portfolio for integrators includes Full-HD cameras for  for adaptation and as board-level models for integration into complex systems. Customer-specific requirements can always be integrated.


Portfolio digital microscopy:

CCD-, CMOS- and sCMOS sensors (Rolling Shutter, Global Shutter)
VGA up to 12 Megapixel
GigE Vision, Fast Ethernet, USB 2+3, HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, CameraLink, H.264
PC-independant wth integrated memory, PC operation with SDK
Smart signal processing
Embedded Linux Basis, Microcontroller/FPGA basiert
Full HD
Color fidelity
Low noise
Real-time imaging


  Zelos, Tauri und Juno der neuesten Generation! Das gesamte Portfolio für die digitale Mikroskopie:

High Performance Cameras for Microscopy, from entry-level up to research microscopes

Kappa microscope cameras offer excellent dynamic range and the best image performance. They are built on a 14-bit system platform with different interfaces, various sensors, corresponding resolutions (VGA up to 8 megapixels) and frame rates from 9 to 60 full-screen images per second. The systems operate connected to a PC with control software or without a PC, with or without internal memory.

Performant interfaces for all applications

Our systems and OEM modules come with the proven interfaces USB 3, GigE, HD-SDI, HDMI and WLAN.

A good choice of sensors

Our microscope cameras are based on high-quality CMOS and sCMOS sensors. We also provide CCD solutions.


Smart signal processing

Among the comprehensive real-time signal processing functions are read-out modes (binning and partial scan, for example), measurement window functions, contrast and edge ehancement functions (such as histogram stretching and equalization), line and circular line generators, and a dynamic look-up table. Kappa’s proprietary color processing offers settings especially for RGB Bayer interpolation and color saturation.

Application fields

Kappa camera technology is in use with microscopes for bright-field, dark-field, phase-contrast, interference-contrast and fluorescence microscopy and for routine automated laboratory applications. Also for telemicroscopy.


Juno2, compact stand-alone microscope camera

Juno2, compact stand-alone microscope camera

Juno2 is a platform for customer-specific implementations. This complete vision system provides more pixels, more power, and more flexibility. The camera is available as compact version or as board-level module, as OEM camera or as private label version.  

All-In Concept Juno2:
5 MP CMOS sensor (1920 x 1080 Pixel)
HDMI Full HD output
30 frames/sec. live stream
SD card image memory, snap + recording
Automatic exposure, white balance
Easy-to-use IR remote control
OSD menu
PC-independant operation


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Microscope cameras for industrial microscopy

"Quality assurance with high-precision images"


Microscope cameras for spectroscopy applications

"Real-time chemical imaging "


Microscope cameras for pathology applications

"True-color HD images of tissue samples"


Microscope cameras for slit lamp microscopy

"Camera solutions for slit lamps / ophtamology"


Microscope cameras for OR microscopy

"Extremely compact Full HD cameras for the digital video chain"