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Award-Winning UHD 285 Spectrometer Works with Kappa Camera

2015 Top Innovation Award for Cubert GmbH’s revolutionary Snapshot Hyperspectral Camera

With innovative spectroscopy technology, Ulm, Germany manufacturer Cubert hopes to establish itself in the fast-growing market of spectroscopy applications. The independent jury of the journal inVISION was convinced, and awarded the UHD 285 spectrometer its new Top Innovation Award. A Kappa camera is built into the system.


The Snapshot technology that Cubert developed is able to record complete hyperspectral data cubes at video imaging rates, making chemical imaging in real time possible. “Our technology for capturing hyperspectral images has no competition anywhere where chemical image information is needed in real time,” says Dr. René Michels, one of Cubert’s Managing Directors.

Many new application fields can be tapped using this innovative technique. Cubert’s spectrometer can be used in the open, for example for full frame UAV-based hyperspectral imaging in precision agriculture, as well as in the laboratory. In Thailand, for example, one research project is working with the UHD 285 spectrometer on early detection of fungal disease in mangoes.

Cubert GmbH
InVision Innovationspreis 2015 (PDF, ca. 963 kB)


Inside: Kappa Kamera Zelos 285 GigE

The award-winning UHD 285 spectrometer is a robust laboratory instrument for industrial applications. In this area, Cubert works directly with Kappa’s Zelos 285 camera (Sony ICX 285 chip) with GigE Interface. The Zelos camera’s very good signal-to-noise ratio was crucial for highly sensitive measurements, though its price-to-performance ratio made a decisive impression as well.

Kappa congratulates the Cubert team on winning the InVISION 2015 Top Innovation Award!


Balanced camera electronics

Balanced camera electronics

Balanced camera electronics enable noise-free measurement results across the entire spectral range. Among the decisive performance characteristics of this technology are high resolution, maximal grayscale dynamics and outstanding illumination sensitivity.

Expanding the wavelength range

By removing the NIR filter, the wavelength range can be stretched as needed into the near-infrared spectrum — and by additionally decapping the sensor, it can even be stretched into the UV spectrum.


Ausbalancierte Kameraelektronik für hyperspektral Imaging

Balanced camera electronics for hyperspectral imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging

Kappa cameras deliver high-contrast, low-noise images in the multispectral and hyperspectral ranges. Application fields include light measurement, LED characterization, quality control for foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics inspection, recycling and precision farming.


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