Cameras for Industrial Microscopy Applications

Kameras für industrielle Mikroskopie-Anwendungen


In vielen Industriebereichen sind Defekte mit bloßem Auge nicht mehr wahrzunehmen. Verschiedenste Bearbeitungsschritte müssen 100-prozentig überprüft werden - beim Schweißen, Schneiden, Drehen, Bearbeiten von Blechen und Oberflächen und in vielen anderen Bereichen.


Kappa cameras, adapted for the microscope or integrated into any of a number of optical inspection stations, take on quality assurance measures throughout industry. Kappa’s industrial cameras demonstrate high dynamics in low-light situations with reflective surfaces. Together with a computer, measurement and archiving software, a seamless documentation system for all QS procedures, tests during production, and laboratory applications is at your disposal.


Sample images

Metallurgy 1

Metallurgy 2

Metallurgy 3


Full HD
Low noise
Color fidelity
High contrast
FireWire, USB3 Vision, CameraLink, GigE Vision
Additional functions: signature, crosshairs, recording

Unique additional functions

Kappa cameras have unique additional functions that no other manufacturer offers in such a form: with its camera-internal signature function, the authenticity of the image data in test can be assured. The crosshair function serves as an aid to positioning, adjustment and measurement. A real highlight is the new optional real-time recording. It can save live sequences (also in HD) at full resolution and full frame rate in real time, compressed and as high-quality video file (such as H.264). The amount of data can be reduced options.



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