X-Ray Cameras

Flat and versatile: GigE Vision CMOS camera modules for perfect adaptation

Special-Purpose Cameras for X-Ray Applications

Specially adapted OEM CMOS X-ray cameras for integrators

At Kappa we have a longstanding expertise in developing cameras for industrial and medical X-ray applications. Our ultracompact CMOS X-ray camera modules are designed for perfect integration into the X-ray chain.


Variable electronics design for brilliant images

High sensitivity, low noise and very high signal quality with excellent grayscale resolution ensure brilliant visualization of details with weak contrast. This integrative product concept with a flat mechanical construction in single board conductor plate layout offers a great deal of flexibility in choice of sensors, interfaces and breadth of function, thanks to its variable electronic design. The modules offer control of the motorized aperture and an ND filter.

Gigabit Ethernet | GigE Vision

The high-output GigE Ethernet interface offers several advantages: high data transfer rates (1 Gbit/sec), advantageous interface for the PC side, advantageous cabling with thin CAT5e cables up to 100m in length (328 ft.), and a standardized, user-friendly communication protocol.


GigE Vision CMOS X-Ray Camera Module HiRes4-XR

GigE Vision CMOS X-Ray Camera Module HiRes4-XR

CMOS X-ray camera modules

Global Shutter 
1K2, (1024 x 1024 pixel output image, 1936 x 1216 pixel sensor) 
Maximum dynamic with 72.6 dB (44.8 dB SNR)
30 fps
Comprehensive gain control
Gigabit Ethernet - GigE Vision, standardized communication protocol
Smallest dimensions in a single board layout
Aperture control (SPI Interface, Customer-SPI)
Software Development KIT/SDK for integration


Medical X-Ray with HiRes4-XR

Industrial X-Ray with HiRes4-XR


Benefits x-ray modules
Excellent image quality at low x-ray doses
High-quality images with excellent grayscale resolution for radiological diagnostics
30 fps, also suited for digital live image radiology during surgery
Sensor adjustment down to the pixel along all three axes, plane-parallel alignment to the optical reference plane (exact factory alignment according to specific requirements)
Control software for evaluation that runs on a PC
With lens (optional) compatible with all current image intensifiers
X-Ray Channel

X-Ray Channel Image Processing

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