For medical X-ray technology: ultra-flat GigE Vision X-ray cameras

High-quality images for reliable diagnosis

Medical X-ray diagnosis

Medical X-ray diagnosis

When developing our x-ray cameras, we always keep the end user in mind: the radiologist. To diagnose with certainty using x-ray, you need high-quality images with excellent contrast. Our x-ray cameras offer maximum dynamic range for low-noise images, and adapted signal processing with special x-ray functions.

Thanks to our many years of experience with cameras for x-ray technology, we know precisely what matters in medical fields. We offer sophisticated x-ray camera modules with state-of-the-art technology, flexibly implementing special requirements for perfect integration into your system.

OEM Module zur Integration in die Röntgenkette

OEM modules for integration into the x-ray chain

Exclusively for leading system providers in medical x-ray technology, Kappa offers an extremely flat, ultra-compact x-ray camera module for perfect integration into the x-ray chain with pulsed or continuous x-ray source, available for mobile or stationary use. 

In combination with the lens these modules are perfect for all current image intensifiers and optimized for phosphor screens. For this we provide exact sensor alignment down to the pixel. We will be happy to recommend appropriate lenses.

Benefits x-ray modules
Excellent image quality at low x-ray doses
High-quality images with excellent grayscale resolution for radiological diagnostics
30 fps, also suited for digital live image radiology during surgery
Sensor adjustment down to the pixel along all three axes, plane-parallel alignment to the optical reference plane (exact factory alignment according to specific requirements)
Identical camera pairs for 3D x-ray systems
X-ray specific real-time signal processing
Control software for evaluation that runs on a PC
With lens compatible with all current image intensifiers and phosphor screens


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