Innovative Combined Laser Scan/Camera System RIB 4D by Kappa optronics.


We proudly present our new gun barrel inspection system! Brilliant images and highly sensitive scans from the barrel’s inner surface provide excellent data for evaluating the barrel’s condition for quality control and assessment of residual lifetime.

  1. Combined power of laser scan and camera technology for ruthless defect detection and advanced wear assessment
  2. Extremely fast: fully automated barrel digitization in less than 30 minutes (supersensitive laser scan triangulation plus brilliant 360° camera videos)
  3. Ingeniously versatile: RIB 4D fits various barrel sizes and types: for calibers from 76 to 155 mm, for smooth AND rifled barrels, for tanks, howitzers, naval guns
  4. Only one operator required
  5. TDv018 compliant

For over 30 years, Kappa optronics RIB system has offered the leading tool worldwide for regularly required inspection and quality control of high-caliber gun barrels, tried and true and in use in over 20 countries. In the development of the new RIB 4D we worked very closely with the German Armed Forces Bundeswehr, who will use this system in 2021.

Watch our video to get a quick impression!