Göttingen HAWK team is newcomer to international Formula Student Competition

The “Blue Flash” Team of the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts consists of 57 students from the Departments of Technology, Natural Sciences, Resource Management, and Design. With this interdisciplinary approach, the team sees itself as a uniquely positioned group in all of Germany.


Looking for the optimum compromise between performance and efficiency

The team will compete with a high-performance electric vehicle of highly stable leightweight construction. The target weight, including battery, lies under 200 kg (440 lb). The car is powered by two electric motors with a rated output of 80 kW. A 6.1 kWh-strong lithium-polymer battery supplies the energy.

Kappa Development Director Axel Zimmer gained an exhilarating impression during an April visit to the workshop; he was especially pleased by a pragmatic dummy construction using europallets. Since then, the students are already at the starting line with their prototype at their first competition in Silverstone — setting quite a pace!


Kappa and HAWK

Kappa is supporting these students at the “Gigawatt” level. For President Jürgen Haese, this is a point of honor: “We are closely tied to HAWK in Göttingen and we greatly value the quality of research and teaching there. The students’ level of skill and commitment surrounding this project are impressive. We’re excited by how HAWK can show its potential here!” Moreover, possible interfaces with this project are evident, as Kappa has already made a name for itself in the automotive industry with innovative camera technology.