Göttingen - perfect for living!

Some strong reasons that will convince you (and your family?)!

Does big city hustle and bustle stress you out? Do you feel crushed by urban areas?  Yet just as much so by the confines of small towns? Then Göttingen is the perfect alternative for you!

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Just the right size, with flair and wonderful surroundings!

Göttingen offers you the flair and openness of a university town with a rich cultural life, pub culture, shopping, an extraordinary educational landscape, medical care of the highest caliber, and everything necessary for a high quality of life. And you can be “outside” in breathtaking green landscapes in no time. Anyone who can't stand provincial narrow-mindedness, but doesn’t want to put up with the drawbacks of big city life either, will feel right at home in the “little big town” of Göttingen. Settling in here is easy.

Right in the middle!

This is the scenic middle point of Germany, and you can get anywhere quickly by ICE via the A7 and A38 — or nice and slow along the Jakobsweg. The Hanover airport is one hour away by direct train.


Alongside the German Theater, there is the Young Theater (where the beloved “Rudelsingen” takes place) and the ThOP, the Theater in the Operating Room, where student stagings are presented in an old anatomy lecture hall.

In the mood for festivals?

Jazz Festival, Handel Festival, Literature in Autumn, Puppet Theater Days, Science Night, Night of Culture, Culture Summer, NDR Soundcheck, Open Flair and the Open Air KWP Festival in the middle of the forest — all year long, there is a plethora of cultural highlights in and around Göttingen. 

Celebrating? Bars?

In Göttingen, there is a distinct pub culture in all forms, whether whisky, craft beers, sports bars, basement club to historic “dives” like the Trou. Anyone still standing probably meets up early in the morning at the Déjà. Several colleagues are happy to offer pub tours for interested parties ;)


In Göttingen, the most unimaginable variety of institutes surrounds the University, from the Max Planck Institute for Solar Energy, or the Primate Center, to the German Aerospace Center. Anyone wishing to broaden their horizons should take note: for example, on the Night of Science, they all open their doors to anyone.

Science you can touch: the Göttingen Kinder-Uni

With the Göttingen Kinder-Uni, the University is trying to excite children about science using child-appropriate offerings early on — from biomolecular chemistry to music in Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, many institutes have established their own school labs, providing fantastic opportunities for schools (DLR School Lab, XLab, etc).


Every now and then we have to wait as well, but medical care in Göttingen is absolutely top notch in all fields, thanks to the University Clinic and the high number of medical specialists all around.

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Athlete? Fan of the outdoors? 

We have beautiful, green surroundings — every outdoor option begins practically at your front door. Whether you like to run, climb, race your bike or ride trails, whatever, you'll find kindred spirits among us right away.

Bicycle Racing

All around Göttingen and up into the Harz mountains, a first-class cycle racing area awaits you. From the first days of spring, the number of racing cyclists in the region climbs to a Mallorca-like level when half of Göttingen trains for the major Tour d’Energie, the first race of the German Cycling Cup. Kappa’s team is there, of course; you'll find traning partners en masse among us!

Mountain Biking

Gorgeous trails begin barely 100 meters from Kappa in the Göttingen forest, some parts naturally secret. We'll take you along.


The hiking areas of the Harz, Weser mountains, Solling, and the “fairy tale land” of the Reinhard Forest are all within driving distance, fantastic premium hiking trails even closer. For “extreme” hikers, the Göttingen Brocken Climb allows a few hundred participants once each year to conquer the 87 kilometers in two days. Tales of suffering and heroics can be found in Team :) 



Göttingen has a fantastic climbing hall in the RoXx, there also is the new BiG only for Bouldering and there are natural cliffs outside of town. A couple of Kappa people know their way around.


Göttingen has a lovely leisure pool, the “Eiswiese” with a dream of a sauna garden and fast slides. In the summer, several outdoor pools and lakes in the countryside tempt visitors as well.  In the Saline Luise Hall bath house, one can float in warm natural brine — extremely beneficial for one’s health.



Two beautiful golf courses, the renowned Golf Club Hardenberg e.V. and the Golfclub Rittergut Rothenberger Haus near Duderstadt, are both 30 minutes away by car and offer many possibilities for members and externals of all levels.

Other types of sports 

Thanks to the University’s Sport Center and to diverse sport clubs, there is a very broad offering of sports activities for everyone and fellow enthusiasts to boot.  Göttingen, incidentally, is a defending champion in basketball and standard formation ballroom dance at the Bundesliga level. Both with passionate support.

Regional sporting events

We have teams in all the regional sporting events, such as the Altstadtlauf, the great Tour d’Energie bicycle race, the triathlon and, most recently, the Great Barrier Run. Reinforcements are accepted with great excitement! Our battle cry: Kamera läuft — Camera’s running“.


Try the new World of Jumpers in Göttingen or the new NeonGolf (blacklight crazy golf), laser tag and much more.

Not interested in sports?

You too are in the best of company here with us; of course there are plenty of colleagues who get their fill of athletic challenge on Kappa Hiking Day. Or who would rather participate in E-sports. Or music. 

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Everything for the kids — from outstanding schools to the Kinder-Uni!

Many really only want to put down roots where their children can have every opportunity for a bright future thanks to good schools. And in this regard, Göttingen truly has much to offer! With a genuinely extraordinary educational landscape, we in Göttingen practically suffer from an abundance of choices.

Numerous elementary schools have switched to all-day offerings; there are Waldorf and Montessori offerings as well as a Catholic elementary school. The outstanding traditional secondary schools (Gymnasium) are competing for pupils using different emphases (brass classes and other musical emphases, International Baccalaureate, competitive sports, Math & Science, bilingual offerings, UNESCO...) and with their mix of pupils and above-average equipment, also the integrated comprehensive schools enjoy an excellent reputation. By the way, the IGS Göttingen Geismar is located the closest to Kappa and has already been awarded the German School Prize.

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