AAM Imaging Solutions for (e)VTOL/ATOL, Helicopter, and Cargo Drones

Elevate Aerial Safety with Performant Cameras, Including DVE Mitigation

Welcome to the forefront of aviation technology! Our cutting-edge camera technologies are engineered to advance safety and operational efficiency of AAM (Advanced Air Mobility). As a trusted partner for automated and piloted air taxi, VTOL / eVTOL, ATOL, helicopter, and cargo drone manufacturers, we cater to your unique needs. Collaborate with us to enhance the capabilities of your aircraft and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of Advanced Air Mobility / Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

At Kappa, we understand the unique needs of air taxi, VTOL, helicopter, and cargo drone manufacturers in the rapidly evolving AAM industry. With a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we proudly collaborate with industry leaders to enhance the capabilities of your aircraft!

Day & Night Vision

Elevate the capabilities of your air taxi, VTOL, helicopter, and cargo drone with our high-resolution cameras designed for 24/7 Day & Night Vision. Our customizable solutions are engineered to integrate into your aircraft design, providing manufacturers with a powerful tool for precise navigation, obstacle detection, and operational efficiency in any lighting condition. We provide performant VIS sensors with amazing low light capabilities as well as LWIR sensors and image fusion solutions seamlessly merging Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) and visible spectrum (VIS) technologies to deliver the best of both worlds in thermal and visible imaging.

  • Pioneering modular testing platform for ATOL and autonomous flight path detection
  • Covering a wide range of scenarios adaptable to various use cases
  • Modular designed to use state-of-the-art VIS & LWIR technology 

SWaP-C (Size, Weight, and Power - Cost) Optimized Solutions

Our technology is tailored for efficient Size, Weight, and Power - Cost (SWaP-C). Adaptable to the specific requirements of air taxis, VTOLs, helicopters, and cargo drones, our solutions enhance situational awareness while minimizing the impact on your aircraft's overall resources.

  • Next-Gen Flight Eye: Redefining Swap-C standards in aerial imaging
  • Highly integrated ISP
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Amazing low-light capabilities

Mitigation Solutions for Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)

Empower safe and confident maneuvers, even in challenging weather and sight conditions, e.g., brownout scenarios, through our advanced technology. Leverage the capabilities Infrared and VIS technologies, and image fusion, seamlessly blending visible spectrum (VIS) with LWIR to deliver the best of both worlds in thermal and visible imaging for optimal visibility. Our solutions are designed to enhance situational awareness and mitigate risks, ensuring in various operational environments.

  • Advanced VIS/LWIR technology
  • Seamless image fusion VIS / LWIR ​
  • Image enhancement algorithms​

360° Surround View with Image Stitching

Seamlessly stitching streams from different cameras, we create a surround view that includes the crucial bottom perspective. This advanced stitching enhances situational awareness and safety, adapting to multiple aircraft and use cases. Elevate your aerial operations with a complete and versatile view of your surroundings.

  • Up to 360° view of the surroundings
  • Stitching the streams of different cameras
  • Including bottom perspective.​
  • Adaptable to multiple aircraft and use cases

Weitere Kameralösungen für VTOL Anwendungen

Von bewährten Flight Test Kameras über multispektrale Lösungen bis zu miniaturisierten Kameras : wir sind Ihr Kamerapartner!


DuoBox VIS with LWIR


Next-Generation Flight Eye Camera


Remote sensor head

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