Software Downloads: here is how

KCC-X, SDK-X, MDC configurator for various cameras and devices

Software Updates

Up to date software downloads can be found here below in the download menu also directly at the application solutions. Please feel free to contact our First Level Support directly by phone or e-mail. We will advise you on your software update. Please have the serial number (type plate) of your camera ready as well as information about your operating system.

Software Kappa Camera Control KCC-X 

User/Operation Manual: KCC-X
(For feature configuration of SDK-X compatible devices via KCC-X and IP Configurator)
OS: Windows 7 and above (32/64bit) 

Software Development Kit XML (SDK-X)

OS: Windows 7 and above (32/64 Bit),  Linux Debian 9 and above (amd64 )
API: C/C++ und C#/.NET 

MDC Configurator


Cameras und Devices

  • Flight Eyeccameras, FE 320, FE 320 LCR, FE 350, SE 320)
  • Full HD Kamera Tauri3.1
  • Switchgear camera SGC and GIS Cam
  • Gun Barrel Inspection System RIB 4D
  • Armor Eye Video Distribution Unit, VDU

Software for older products

These can no longer be found in their completeness on the homepage.

Software Archive Online: A small selection of highly requested software from our archives can be found at the bottom of the page right here in the download rider:

  • KCC Zelos und
  • KIB
  • KDC-A 8/5

You will no longer find software for older cameras on the homepage. Please contact our First Level Support for an individual check. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with the software for older cameras - and our cameras are often in use for a very long time. Please have the serial number (type plate) of your camera and information about the operating system ready.




Alfons Rosenthal

First Level Support

Telephone +49 5508 974 - 0