Leading Edge: Driver Vision Enhancer, DVE & SAS Solutions for Defense Ground Vehicles

Armor Eye: Scalable turnkey Driver Vision Enhancer solutions for tracked & wheeled vehicles

For multiple Vehicle types, retrofit and new programs. Our systems are in use worldwide at multiple nations!

Kappa’s advanced Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) and Situational Awareness Systems (SAS) enable the superior, efficient and secure operation of Defense Ground Vehicles while the crew stays safe under hatch.

Fully digital signal processing with up to 60 frames per second, optimized horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and excellent multi-sensor views with various overlay capabilities provide an outstanding, state-of-the-art situational crew awareness for ultra-fast reactions and greatly improve mission and crew safety. Our reliable vision systems gained a high reputation and are greatly welcomed by defense crews worldwide.

We are your partner: Let us discuss your DVE/SAS requirements and shape the best functional and economic system solution for you. We will support you with system integration and stand at your side through the whole system service life

Product Demonstration Video about DVE - Armor Eye

Driver´s Vision Enhancements for Military Vehicles

Armor Eye portfolio: Single, Duo VIS+LWIR, Duo angled, Quad

Kappa’s Armor Eye product family of advanced rugged camera solutions offers maximum flexibility for customized and program-specific DVE and SAS designs and integrations. The high-performance rugged vision solutions can be specifically configured according to the vehicle type and the mission tasks. We offer affordable Entry Level (EL) and very sensitive and wide dynamic High Quality (HQ) camera products. Benefit from our project-specific flexibility to adapt view angles and DRI performance for the best operational performance, day- and night 24/7.

Scalable complete solutions for retrofit and new programs

Driver Vision Enhancer, DVE, Armor Eye Solution

Tracked high performance pioneer and engineering tank

  • Multi-camera 360° DVE/SAS and Excavator
  • Enhanced side line coverage
  • Day and night operation
  • Qualified for arctic environment
  • In service at Royal Norwegian Army

Advanced tracked infantry fighting vehicle

  • Multi-camera systems for 360° DVE/SAS coverage
  • Day and night operations
  • Extreme fast mobility and high-speed manoeuvre
  • In service at several nations

Wheeled armored personell carrier, IFV, NBC, C4I and ambulance platform 

  • Optimized DVE indirect driving systems
  • Day and night operation
  • Integrated rear-view mirror for driving approval on public roads
  • In service at multiple nations

Combat proven 4x4 

  • for protected mobility in multiple mission roles
  • Day for rear and side view, night for front view
  • IR front view camera with optimized field of view data
  • Integrated rear-view mirror for driving approval on public roads
  • In service at multiple nations
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Turnkey Solution - DVE- und SAS Systems with DVU - Digital Video Distribution Unit

DVE systems with up to two cameras can be built as direct camera-monitor systems (CMS). For the integration of a larger number of cameras, our advanced VDU represents the signal processing core for all Kappa’s turnkey AE DVE & SAS systems.

This high-speed and digital FPGA based processing core offers multiple HD-SDI camera inputs and several HD-SDI outputs for lowest system latency performance glass-to-glass. Additional control and H.264 IP streaming interfaces greatly increase the VDU flexibility and enable information sharing between vehicles. 

Controlled by the crew or the gearbox switch, the VDU processes the selected camera channels, mixes and scales multiple camera information, performs driver assistance and tactical overlays of text and icons, and fi nally routes the selected view data to the respective output for display on the cockpit monitors. Best in class signal processing techniques and scaling algorithms guarantee the low latency generation of crisp and sharp images even under severe diffi cult ambient light conditions.

Infrared & visible image fusion for empowered vision

To provide the best driver vision under all lighting conditions we fuse images from LWIR and VIS camera streams. This is a booster for the perception of image information: the fused realtime image shows much more information than the single source images day & night while presenting a natural viewing experience. Example: with fused images drivers can see details on the road, streetlights and a person hiding in a bush with rich color information at the same time. Get the best from both spectral worlds in one image!

Armor Eye driver vision: empowerment for safe missions

“We have never had a better driver vision system! We are now using this DVE-system instead of the standard angle mirrors to drive safely, ergonomically and fast under the hatch.” (Customer Experience)


Driving with full situational awareness under the hatch

Day & Night

Multispectral systems for best vision in all environments


Adapted solutions for multiple vehicles, retrofit and new programs

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