Digital Mirror Portfolio Automotive CMS | ADAS

Rearview OneBox® for digital CMS mirror class I and class III

One powerful platform for multiple mirror classes and vehicle types - ingenious flexibility for digital automotive vision solutions!

Powerful Components: Automotive Camera

Best in class: small - fast - amazing image quality

Automotive Camera

2.6 Mpx camera
Digital video output and control backchannel
New image sensor with latest LED Flicker mitigation
G2G low video latency: < 30 ms @ 22°C ± 5°C
High end night vision performance
High quality 5G optics
Integrated smart PTC heater for de-ice/de-mist

Technical Data


  • Highlights: Integrated heater, IP69K protection, HDR ISP, high-end electro-optical components for outstanding sensitivity, flare, and ghost artefacts
  • Software: ISP Firmware integrated
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel (2.6 MP)
  • Dynamic: >120 dB
  • Interface: High speed serial link with MIPI CSI-2 video and I2C control combined with power supply
  • Heater: Integrated de-ice and de-mist
  • Temperature: -40° up to + 85°C
  • Dimension/weight: without connector: 44.75 x 26 x 26 , with connector: 54.8 x 26 x 26, approx. 80 g
  • Connector: Fakra with 50 Ohm Coax (one for both, power supply and signal)

Powerful Components: Electronic Control Unit | ECU

The brain of every CMS

Centralized ECU System: A powerful manager for multiple digital rearview systems


  • Centralized ECU system, capable to cover up to 3 different R46 rearview systems (Class III, Class I and Parking view
  • Powerful ECU capable to manage up to 4 cameras (2.6 Mpx running at Full HD – 60 fps) and 3 HD displays with different sizes


  • Hardware ready for future Software updates by CAN with additional functions
  • Partial off the shelf product (*Partial adaptation are needed for CAN communication signals)


  • Based on one of the most powerful SoC in the market to run all cameras, displays and software as required.

ECU System Architecture

Class I, Class III and Parking

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

Powerful FPGA, safety mechanisms, multi-device power supply, rugged aluminum housing, UNECE R10, ISPR25

Software - smart features as options:
1º Parking camera view (PiP), 2º Visual blind spot alerts, 3º Rearview visual alert, 4º Blinker visualization
Updates via CAN

A single ECU controls up to 4 cameras and 3 displays

-40° up to + 95°C

182 x 168 x 33 (without brackets)

Main connector (Header), Camera connector (Quad-Fakra), Display connector (Quad-Fakra)

Powerful Components: scalable software, ready for future software updates by CAN

Automotive Digital Mirror Software Features:

Rearview visual alert | PiP Parking (Picture in Picture) | Visual blind spot alert | Blinker visualization

Powerful Components: Displays

Display scalability for multiple vehicles - 5 ”, 7 ”, 8.8 ” panoramic, 10.25 ” and more

General Highlights - Displays CMS Automotive Portfolio

Very good operating Tª ranges
Customized cover-glass
High brightness & contrast
Smart Software Function
Display Firmware integrated
Frame rate 60 Hz (60 Fps)
Interface High-speed serial link based on MIPI-DSI protocol and I2C control combined with power supply
Connector Typ MCX, one for both, power supply and signal
Temperature min. -30 up to +85

Resolution & Contrast - Displays CMS Automotive Portfolio

Resolution, sizes Contrast, brightness, viewing angle Dimension, weight
5” : 800 x 480 (px) 1:1000, 900 cd, 75°-85° 119 x 85 x 5, 160 g (TFT)
7” : 1280 x 768 (px) 1:1000, 930 cd, 80° 163 x 107 x 6, 220 g
8.8” : 1920 x 480 (px) 1: 800, 1000cd, 75-80°
10.25” : 1920 x 720 (px) 1:1300, 800 cd, 80 10,25”: 255 x 107 x 7, 345 g

Compliance: Safety First

We meet all safety requirements on design assurance procedures

Fully automotive-grade product EMC UNECE R10 CISPR25 (level 3)
Homologated system according ISO16505 / ECE R46 Saftey level ASIL B
Kappa optronics can fulfill IATF 16949 System Test & Validation strictest requirements of automotive standards


System architecture based on outstanding FoV design

Mirror Class I, III, and parking view

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