RIB 4D: Inspection System for High-Caliber Gun Barrels

Combined laser scan/video scope technology for gun barrel inspection

Superior measuring results, indoor and outdoor!

With the RIB 4D, Kappa presents a new, high-performance system for large-caliber weapon barrel inspection designed for troops evaluating actual and post-firing status and calculating remaining service life.

NEW: 3D Laser Scanner and 360° Videos: Within the completely newly designed RIB 4D measuring head, the entire bandwidth of the newest image-generating technology for seamless, complete barrel inspection is used. A supersensitive laser scan generates a detail-rich point cloud. In addition, 8 CMOS sensors provide the viewer with brilliant 360° videos of the barrel’s interior surfaces. The highly precise barrel digitization offers a comprehensive data basis for secure assessment of a barrel interior’s condition.

Ultra-fast fully-automated barrel digitization (< 1/2 h)

The RIB 4D completes the entire high-resolution barrel measurement sensationally fast in under 30 minutes (example Leopard 2), making it a practical option also for maintenance troops in the field.

Keeping it simple: only one operator required

Simple handling means that just one person can operate the entire system. Independent of the operator, the automatic system delivers incorruptible and reproducible measurement results.

One system for multiple barrel sizes and types

RIB 4D is made for smooth and rifled barrels. Using adapter rings, it can be easily adapted to different calibers from 76 to 155 mm.

RIB 4D: innovative laser-based system with additional cameras for gun barrel inspection

Interactive Software for Reliable Assessment: Comprehensive image data is documented by user-friendly software in accordance with TDv018 technical regulations. A simple, interactive surface leads the user through the precise measurement of critical areas to evaluate the barrel’s condition and determine its remaining service life. The software can be modified to varying user needs. 

Precise measurement of damaged areas: erosion, corrosion, chrome spallings, bulgings. Plus bore measurement.

Complete All-in-One Inspection System: The RIB 4D comes with a measuring head, feed unit, computing unit, display unit and transport case. 

An unrivaled level of experience: We are the pioneering supplier in the area of gun barrel inspection; we know our customers’ requirements inside and out. Rely on our state-of-the-art systems, built upon decades of experience.

Versatile use: e.g. with tank barrels, howitzers and naval guns

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Precise imaging of damaged areas, äzise Bilder der Schadstellen, comfortable handling in the interactive software


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