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Cameras and vision systems for your application: industry-specific processes

Since 1994, we have purposefully expanded our systematic quality management with certifications in many different industries such as medicine and aviation. Our quality structures qualify us for demanding projects. Most important for you: your standards are our benchmark – even in quality processes. We integrate ourselves into your processes and then create ours based on your standards.

The basis for quality: qualified personnel

Our high standard is built upon highly qualified personnel. Our process-oriented quality approach relies on short lines of communication and a large portion of individual responsibility. Thanks to regular professional development, we are always fully up to date. Many example of our commitment: our employees in Production are trained in and certified to IPC-A-610.verantwortlichkeit. Dank regelmäßiger Schulungen sind wir immer auf dem neusten Stand. So sind unter anderem viele Mitarbeiter in der Produktion nach IPC-A-610 geschult und zertifiziert.

Strong with strong partners: seamless quality chains

Our strategy calls for a strong network of highly specialized partners to completeStrong with strong partners: seamless quality chains the portfolio. The high quality we require demands more than a customary supplier relationship. For that reason, seamlessly completing quality chains from our suppliers all the way to our customers is part of our core competence.


Suppliers: Barrier-Free Interfaces in the Quality Chain

One example: for some of our customers, high-end optics have to meet strict requirements with regard to very special parameters. To verify these parameters using our entry inspection, we have developed a special testing device. Our optics partner also works with this device and can use it for testing within his own processes. As a result, possible errors in the process can be identified earlier and eliminated more efficiently and sustainably.

Product qualification at the highest level

All Kappa products, as well as our development results, undergo various verification, validation, and certification measures. We perform comprehensive analyses, environmental tests, and soft- and hardware certifications such as design assurance RTCA/DO-254 or MIL-STD-498, RTCA/DO-178, V-Model.

Client-specific test concepts

From automatic accelerated test procedures to complex stress tests, we will offer you a test concept tailored to your requirements. In the course of this development, we will expand our portfolio as needed to achieve the desired test procedure, or we will incorporate test stages from your side as needed.

Documentation management

The workflow for project-related documentation is organized in our documentation management system. Special customer requirements are taken into account here as well, from nomenclature fom to extended retention periods of up to 30 years.

Configuration management: basis for your platform strategy

Our configuration management directs and monitors product configuration and its conformity to specific requirements throughout the entire product life cycle. This is the basis for systematically planned, guided and documented alterations and their traceability. Alongside different national and industry-specific norms, ISO 10007 and MIL-STD-973 form the basis for configuration management systems. Thus, you as our client fulfill not only legal obligations or standards, but can also fall back on our configuration management in the event of platform strategies as well to realize further variants and versions.

Audits for transparency

This is day-to-day business: We audit our suppliers, and our customers audit us. In doing so, we make our processes transparent for our customers and integrate special customer requirements into our quality policy.

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