Kappa's services are designed to prevent downtimes and ensure efficient and sustainable operation. Adapted to your individual needs, we offer high-quality services that provide you with comprehensive support. With our service program, we help you increase operational safety, reduce downtime and stockpiles, make products safe, reliable and available for the long term, and meet regulatory standards. This saves time and costs.


Order Processing

Service requests and repairs

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Service Portfolio

  • Spare Part Services: Minimize downtimes. We assure fast spare parts delivery – worldwide.
  • Repair services: Our experts analyze, repair, maintain, and optimize your components according to the highest Kappa manufacturing standards.
  • On-site service and on-site maintenance: Kappa supports you with the initial operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Technical support: Prioritized callback with short response time and expert support for complex service requests.
  • Training services: We offer first-hand know-how. Benefit from in-person or online system and product training.
  • Service Programs & Contracts: Service contracts are service packages for defined systems or product groups that are configured according to your needs.
  • Extended Warranties: The extended warranty period offers long-term protection for Kappa products. Customers benefit beyond the standard warranty by protecting their investment against unexpected repair costs in the long term.
  • Upgrade Service: Software /Hardware Update Service: Kappa is continuously working on the further development of camera systems and related services. Upgrades include both updating hardware and software of the products. This allows for improvements and new features for the systems. The modifications are not mandatory, Kappa also offers the option of a design freeze.

First Level Support

Our First Level Support (for hardware as well as software problems) is available to you, should minor difficulties occur during installation, which usually can be solved over the phone.

A professional complaints management team takes care of all your complaints, organizing troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs of components as well as products. The long life cycle of our products often has us looking for more than 20-year-old documentation to be able to provide professional support.

Please contact our first-level support:



Alfons Rosenthal

First Level Support

Tel.: +49.5508.974.148


Service Power Grids:

Nicolas Pataki

Nicolas Pataki

Service | Kappa USA

Tel.: (267) 247-8641


Service Requests and Repairs

If you have any further questions concerning the process, don't hesitate to contact Jens Recke or Michael Neumann.

Declaration with regard to safety and health 

For the safety of our employees and facilities, a signed declaration with regard to safety and health "certificate of non-contamination" is necessary before your service or repair order can be processed.

Please note the following forms :

  • Declaration with regar to safety and health (Please add this declaration to the shipment).
  • Service document - repair form (Please clear up in advance).

Send your service requests and repairs with the certificate of non-contamination to the following address:

Kappa optronics GmbH
Jens Recke
Service Requests and Repairs
Kleines Feld 6
37130 Gleichen



Jens Recke

Auftragsbearbeitung | Order Management

Tel.: +49.5508.974.153