Digital Mirrors for the Automotive Market

Rearview OneBox®: CMS solutions based on a powerful new platform

A new generation of digital mirrors with outstanding performance, unbeatable image quality and amazing flexibility: unleash automotive vision with an aesthetic statement on your stunning aerodynamic cars! Camera Monitor Systems with Rearview OneBox® help you shape amazing cars for a new era making them safer, classier, longer in range and lower in emissions - they add to their attractiveness in so many ways. We drive your vision!

Rearview OneBox®: All-in-One Solutions for Mirror Replacement Class III, Class I & Parking System

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Video examples with the digital side mirror: The videos show scenes in daylight and at night. Particularly in difficult lighting conditions as well as in rain and fog, the camera-monitor system shows its clear superiority compared to the classic side mirror.

Driver vision is key for safety!

Rearview OneBox® CMS: superior visibility in all weather & light conditions

Reassuring perfect driver vision reduces stress and allows for calm concentration and quick reactions. Digital mirrors based on Rearview OneBox® outperform conventional mirrors in many respects. A better coverage of the rear view due to larger FoV design and the much better image quality in all weather and light conditions, especially at night, speak for themselves. We are convinced that the use of CMS technology can help to increase road safety and reduce the number of serious accidents.

Optimum situational awareness

CMS technology expands the field of view (FOV) beyond the limitations of what a single mirror can reflect. Full gapless rearview can be provided depending on the system architecture, all blind spots are eliminated.

Improved Euro NCAP Rating

Mirror replacements based on Rearview OneBox® will add to your model’s performance and score in Euro NCAP testing. 

Enhanced vision

Classic mirrors only reflect, digital cameras improve the brightness, color and contrast of the video image displayed to the driver. Camera systems automatically reduce glare from headlights – no more tilting the mirror to avoid being blinded by the car behind.

Under all weather and light conditions

Camera systems provide perfect vision even in rain and snow and at night when conventional mirrors can no longer deliver informative images. The technology behind: for perfect performance under any weather conditions our automotive cameras are designed with a hydrophobic cover and an integrated heater which is automatically activated when the temperature outside drops under 3º Celsius. They also feature anti-glare and anti-reflection functions.

Make your design teams dream!

Pure aesthetics with digital mirrors

Design freedom! We want to exceed the expectations of style departments by offering CMS technology that fits organically and almost invisibly into your designs, enhancing aesthetics rather than spoiling them like bulky conventional mirrors. Designing our ECU as well as the automotive cameras we have focused on exceptionally compact dimensions for perfect integration. In radically new design scenarios digital mirrors with Rearview OneBox® can be integrated into the vehicle as a part of the skin. Our dedicated automotive team tailors outstanding CMS systems for your specific requirements to make your vehicles stand out!

Reduction of CO² emissions

Styling up aerodynamic car design to achieve EU targets for CO2 emissions

Digital mirrors not only add to the impressive aesthetic design, but also improve the aerodynamics. This way, they make a substantial contribution to a better drag coefficient. Consequently consumption will be lower and the battery range better thanks to a much lower aerodynamic drag compared to conventional mirrors (drag coefficient can be reduced by about 0.02 cd). This way CO2 emissions can be reduced. 

Rearview OneBox®: A centralized across-the-board solution

A powerful platform based on top-performing modules: the Rearview OneBox® platform covers multiple vision systems with different camera configurations and a choice of displays - your platform for elegant, streamlined solutions, open for technical updates and future developments.

State-of-the-art ECU

The Rearview OneBox ECU is the center of every CMS. Our System provides extraordinary flexibility: multiple vison systems can be covered, stable & fluid performance that impresses.

High-quality 2.6 MP Automotive Camera

Our top-performing 2.6 MP cameras are the base for outstanding image quality under all weather and light conditions. Up to 4 cameras (Full HD, 60 Fps) can be configured to cover all rearview requirements.

A great range of displays

Different display types and sizes (5’’, 7’’, 10.25’’ & 8.8’’) for multiple mirror classes. All run by the Rearview OneBox ECU - smooth integration is assured.

System Architecture to your needs

System configuration & architecture for increased FoV. The G2G latency is calculated for the specific system: it will always be among the lowest by market standards.

Software | Modi | Features

Picture-in-Picture (PiP), blindspot alert, rearview visual alert, safety features and more: driver vision with all the support you need.


Kappa Rearview OneBox is a fully automotive grade product in compliance with ECE R46: compliance, tests & validation, homologation.

Why Rearview OneBox®?

All the benefits of CMS technology are uniquely combined in the Rearview OneBox® system.

We get valuable feedback from drivers who are thrilled with the exceptional image quality, and the fluid, intuitive viewing experience. On the other hand, manufacturers are impressed with the flexibility of the system offering a streamlined across-the-board solution for various mirror classes with a well-curated selection of displays.

Rearview OneBox®: cutting-edge CMS solutions for stunning cars

Powerful System

  • Centralized ECU system, capable to cover multiple R46 rearview systems (Class III, Class I and Parking view)
  • Hardware ready for future Software updates by CAN with additional functions
  • Fully automotive-grade product

Top-performing components

  • Powerful ECU capable to manage up to 4 cameras and 3 HD displays
  • Display options (5 ”, 7 ”, 8.8 ” panoramic, 10.25 ” )
  • 2.6 Mpx cameras (full HD, 60 fps) fully designed, developed, and validated
  • Low video latency: < 30 ms @ 22°C ± 5°C (from glass to glass)
  • Operating Tº: -40°C to +85°C
  • IP level: Cameras IP69K


  • EMC compliance according to UNECE R10 + CISPR25 (level 3)
  • Safety level ASIL B compliance
  • System Test & Validation according to the strictest requirements of automotive standards
  • Homologated system according to ISO16505 / ECE R46
  • Kappa optronics can fulfill IATF 16949
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