Aviation Kameras mit allen Zertifizierungen: EN 9100 zertifizierter Partner für Indoor & Outdoor Aviation Kameras


Kappa is your EN/AS 9100 certified partner for aerospace cameras

Qualified Aviation Cameras and System Solutions

EN / AS 9100 certified camera expert!

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Approved in aerospace applications: ITAR-free, SWaP-C optimized, COTS Flight Eye cameras

In the field of aviation, Kappa makes full use of many years of experience as one of only a few EN/AS 9100 certified camera suppliers. For all indoor and outdoor applications, we offer Rugged Design cameras, certified to aviation norms and flexibly adaptable. 

Design Assurance up to DAL B

Qualified Rugged Design Cameras

Kappa Certifications, Standards & Co (e.g., EN/AS 9100)



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Want to just see what the FE 320 can do for your applications? Take advantage of this opportunity to test the FE 320 out with your team for 30 days in your aviation applications, free of cost.

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ED-155 compliant Crash Recording

Lightweight Crash Recorder combined with the high-performance ED-155 cockpit camera

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Flight Test Cameras

Robust cameras for indoor & outdoor flight test instrumentation

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Cameras for space, launch vehicle and vacuum applications.

Space Eye: Kappa Camera SE 320 for space, rockets, and vacuum applications.

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COTS Helicopter Cameras

Helicopter cameras for monitorin/surveillance tasks, flight test (FTI), crash recording and more.

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UAV Control | UAS Control

Cameras on board aircrafts, helicopters and UAV.

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HUD Cameras for Flight Visualisation

Head-Up Display Cameras

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In-Flight Refueling

3D HD camera system for air-to-air refueling

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Aircraft Surveillance Cameras

Cameras for Cockpit/Cabin on board aircraft

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AIRBUS awards 'Best Innovator Overall' 2019 for Defence and Space business to Kappa optronics.

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Kappa optronics | Business Unit Aviation: Let your vision fly!

Kappa optronics has more than 40 years of experience in cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable designs for anything that drives or flies. Our Business Unit Aviation is thrilled to work 100% focused on cameras and vision systems in the Aerospace field. We focus on flight test cameras (FTI cameras), cameras for ED-155 compliant crash recording, cameras for space applications (cameras for launch vehicles and vacuum applications), HUD cameras for flight visualization, aircraft surveillance cameras (e.g., cargo, cabin/ cockpit door surveillance) and vision systems for air-to-air refueling. Our qualified aviation cameras and system solutions are ready for certification to aviation norms and can be flexibly adapted to specific applications. We are leaders in technology and meet all safety requirements on design assurance procedures in hardware and software development, qualification, and certification. As one of the very few camera suppliers, we are certified to EN / AS 9100. In 2019 we were granted the “Best Innovator Overall” Award by Airbus Defence and Space.

Kappa Aviation Cameras: extremely rugged design | high integration capability | ITAR-free | certifiable | maximum safety | vision (sub-) systems, glass-to-glass, board-level cameras | latency-free images | long-term availability & functional warranty | day & night vision (VIS / LWIR), 24/7