FE 320: Get Your Free 30-Day Trial!

Test our new flight test camera FE 320|SE 320 on site with your aviation applications!

Anti-Reflexion Cockpit Camera, Flight Eye FE 320

Black-Mode, Anti-Reflexion Cockpit Camera, Flight Eye FE 320

Flight Eye FE 320 - Benchmark

Flight Eye FE 320 - Remote Distance

Flight Eye FE 320 - Side 2

Flight Eye FE 320 - side 2

Special trial offer: Test the FE 320 flight test camera with your aviation applications!

Want to just see what the FE 320 can do for your applications? Take advantage of this opportunity to test the FE 320 out with your team for 30 days in your aviation applications, free of cost. Please let us know the desired date for your trial here:


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The FE 320 Flight Test Camera Kit has been developed in close cooperation with our major aviation clients, allowing us from the outset to focus entirely on specific FTI requirements and tasks. The result is a very easy-to-use modular system for maximum flexibility on-site: just screw the modules together as needed, no preparation required. The system is designed to fit perfectly into telemetric infrastructures.


  • Modularity (remote head, exchange of heads)
  • Synchronized Full HD with PTP time stamp
  • Gobal Shutter
  • H.264 compression
  • 2 independent Ethernet streams with adjustable bandwidth, 100 kB/s to 16 MB/s, streaming / multi-streaming (e.g. 800 kb/s for telemetry, 4 Mb/s onboard recording)


Technical Performance: FE 320

Technical Data Matrix  FE 320 Flight Eye

Fully qualified ED-112, ED-155, DO-178 DAL D, DO-254 DAL D, DO-160


Indoor/Outdoor (IP 67)

FTI for fixedwing aircraft, rotary-wing, UAV-platforms; crash recording for light aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, VTOL
OS / Interfaces Embedded Linux, IP Ethernet / FTP acces
Sensors CMOS, global shutter, IMX252 (1/1,8"), color
Resolution up to Full HD 1080p60
Interface/protocol GeniCam, XML-files, GigE Vision, SferiRec®

Hardware trigger input and output, external trigger/strobe out


Time synchronicity PTP-time stamp at time of frame acquisition
Latency Glass-to-glass: < 200 ms
Internal SD, memory loop recording
Compression Video compression H.264, dual streaming available; low bandwidth modes reducing load on networks
Bandwith Adjustable bandwidths 100 kB/s to 16 MB/s, streaming / multi-streaming
Frames per second 1080p60 (60 Fps), 720p120 (120 Fps), 360p200 (200 Fps)
Housing Compact / remote head with distance up to 10 m
Power supply 9-36 V, optional MIL STD 704 (external)
Heater Optional
Specials Modular concept, multiple heads, remote heads


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