HUD Cameras: Get the Pilot’s View!

Head-Up Display Cameras with Latest CMOS Technology

Several Shapes available on demand.

Several Shapes available on demand.


Cutting-edge Kappa HUD camera technology with the latest sensor technology and image processing is designed for all technical generations of HUD systems, from current scanning laser back to older CRT technology. Kappa is your experienced partner, for latest generation technology as well as in the retrofit area. Without having to use a motorized lens the camera system is suitable for camera positions between combiner and windshield, while the camera dynamic is still > 105 dB. For camera positions between the pilot and the performance is ensured by the use of a motorized lens. Kappa HUD cameras can be qualified up to DAL B RTCA/DO-254 und DO-178. Kappa HUD cameras are available in several shapes on demand. We understand your requirements completely!


Technology Platform for HUD Cameras
For all generations of HUD, from scanning laser systems up to CRT technology (flicker-free)
Full HD camera systems
Latest CMOS sensor technology (e.g., IMX252, IMX273), optimized using Kappa know-how for HUD applications
Newest FPGA and DDR memory technology
Extremely fast image processing for disruption-free videos at supersonic speed
Extremely high dynamic range
Vibration-safe image processing
Global Shutter
Variable FoV, 12° to 45° according to cockpit layout
Exact line-of-sight orientation in the milliradian range
Small size and shape: extremely small design, adaptable for various cockpit environments and installation requirements
HD SDI interfaces
Optional analog video (PAL, NTSC) for replacement of older systems
Other interfaces on request
FFF retrofit design
Development and manufacturing in accordance with DO-178C, DO-254, DO-160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704
Aviation-qualified rugged design
Long-term availability


HUD camera for real-time pilot's view

HUD camera for real-time pilot's view

With all the benefits of the latest CMOS generation!

Maximum performance of the new HUD cameras with high-quality CMOS sensors (e.g., IMX252):

- no blooming, no smear
- improved signal characteristics

Typical Uses of Kappa Fighter HUD Cameras:

HUD cameras in training aircraft display the pilot’s complete view live on the accompanying trainer’s screen.

HUD cameras connect to the existing recording system for debriefing / recording the pilot view for later flight evaluations and documentation.


Typical rugged specifications of Kappa HUD cameras:

- Shock/vibration/acceleration: MIL-STD-810G
- Temperature: -40°C up to +60°C

HUD (Head Up Display) Housings

HUD Housings

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