A good year ago, the Kappa Spain site was opened, under the leadership of Virginia Hornillos Navarro. Finally, the team from Madrid visited us personally in Germany.

With the team in Madrid we can serve our grown Spanish clientele more intensively directly on site. Besides the location in Madrid, the "Spanish Connection" also has enriched us on other levels. We were able to recruit highly qualified new colleagues from Spain directly for our international team in Germany and are not only enthusiastic about their professional work, but also about the spirit they bring to the team. We used the happy occasion to introduce the new colleagues to the great (if not typical Lower Saxon) tradition of the Oktoberfest.

Photo (from the left: Johannes Overhues (CEO Kappa optronics), from the team Kappa Spain: Cristina Cebriano Hernández, Cristina Cacanillas Álvarez, Jorge Salvador García-Gálan, Virginia Navarro Hornillos (Site Manager Kappa Spain) and on the right Sebastian Vreemann  (CSO Kappa optronics)